Hate needles? New technology makes it easier for doctors to find veins

By Maria Kyriacou

Hate needles? New technology makes it easier for doctors to find veins
Veinviewer helps take the sting out of getting needles leading to better patient experience

It only takes a few minutes and involves the tiniest of scratches, but many of us dread getting blood tests. For people with veins that are hard to locate, it’s an especially stressful experience and can involve multiple anxiety-inducing attempts with a needle.

Enter veinviewer, a marvel of technology developed by Memphis-based Christie Medical Holdings that helps medical staff aim their needles much more precisely.

The device can see as deep as 15mm into the patient’s skin, and produces an image of what’s below by shining a near-infrared light.

The website states, “ VeinViewer® is the only vein finder that can help you improve the total patient experience by reducing the number of sticks, potentially improving intravenous catheter dwell times and avoiding associated complications.”

The system not only allows doctors to find the best vein for each particular procedure, it also reduces further complications by determining the location of valves and bifurcations that need to be avoided.

Will this make you less stressed about getting a needle?



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