Harry Styles launches beauty collection with nail polish and skincare

Although the number of celebrity beauty launches shows no sign of abating, occasionally one or two pique our interest.

Case in point: the news that Harry Styles has just dropped a concise collection under the curious brand name Pleasing. 

The range from the British singer includes a set of four nail polishes and two skincare products and became available today via a webstore at after much speculation the star was about to launch a makeup or beauty offering.

The biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free nail colours include pearlescent black, pearlescent white, pearlescent pink and ‘Pearly tops’ – a translucent pearly topper with a matte finish. Each is designed to be layered to create different effects and each comes with a set of alphabet decals that allows the wearer to spell out any message they wish on their nails. 

The first drop of skincare includes a Pearlescent Illuminating Serum and ‘Pleasing Pen’ with lip and eye treatments delivered via cooling steel roller balls on either end. According to the website it contains a fresh eye gel with natural lingonberry, okra and hyaluronic salt to awaken tired under eyes and a nourishing demi-matte lip treatment with soothing marshmallow extract. 

The moisturising Pearlescent Illuminating Serum contains Vitamin B5, Antioxidants, and Amino Acids and is designed to be worn alone or as a primer under makeup. 

The playful options are no surprise for the star who regularly experiments with his look and has long been a fan of nail colour. 

The range went live around the time a new interview with Dazed emerged where Styles talked about his intention for Pleasing, that the magazine refers to as a ‘shape-shifting umbrella company’ for the star. 

“Firstly, I just thought it would be fun but, in actuality, Pleasing is about a couple of things,” he told Dazed.

“It’s starting with nail polish, because that was kind of the birth of what it was for. Me seeing a colour on a flower or a wallpaper or something and thinking, ‘Oh, I wanna put that on my nails.’ It was a fun little project, but during the pandemic, and when we eventually named it Pleasing, it felt like it was so much more than nail polish.”

The star explains he’s long found joy in small moments.

“It’s always those moments that I find have the longest-lasting effect on me, in terms of sparking something wonderful in me. I really think that the essence of Pleasing is finding those little moments of joy and showing them to people.”

He also states he intends for the line to be about more than simply improving your appearance.

“I don’t think being beautiful or feeling beautiful is about looking good. When people are happy and glowing, they’re radiating. And that’s what I think the products do, it’s about helping you feel beautiful.”

Although Styles indicated this was just the start for the brand, it is unknown the form other products may take in the future.

Images via & @HarryStyles

Must-try new body care arrivals for a summer glow up

If your skincare regimen rarely extends below the neck, now is the time to reconsider showing your body a little TLC.  When the sun peeks out and we all want to throw off the layers, you may find your body needs a little care and attention to bring it back to it’s soft and smooth best.

The good news is, there are a number of new arrivals make the approach easier, with dedicated products and active ingredients that would once have been the domain of our face only. Most solutions are quick and easy and can be undertaken at home, some of them even doing double duty while you’re taking a shower and while skin is damp afterwards. The key is to make it part of a routine rather than a one-off so your skin has time to renew and you’re not just looking for a last minute quick fix.

Emma Lewisham Illuminating Face and Body Oil

Emma Lewisham has long loved using natural, plant-based oils to nourish and protect facial skin, and now the brand has added a unique, distinctly summer-focused twist with new Illuminating Face and Body Oil. It has incredibly nourishing ingredients including an innovative oil-soluble hyaluronic acid (HA) formulation for plumping hydration that the brand says is ‘scientifically shown in vitro to deliver antioxidant protection over eight hours’. Leaving our skin in great condition is a win but the glowy golden tint of the oil is what completely won us over. The soft shimmer is akin to a touch of fake tan (although it washes away instantly) with a tiny bit of reflect that catches the light and makes limbs look smooth and radiant. You can see it on the gorgeous model above in an image created for the new arrival. You can also use it when you are forgoing makeup for a touch of glowing tint on your face. Mark our words, it’ll be a hot ticket item this summer and given it’s a limited edition, so run, don’t walk!

Tronque Soft Focus Scar Concentrate and Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum

Brand new to market, Tronque is an Auckland-based high-end skincare brand for your body, loaded with lots of the actives we love for our face, but now benefitting the rest of us too! The scar concentrate is intended to soften and minimise the texture and look of scars both old and new. It has four forms of stable, deeply penetrating Vitamin C along with a ton of other plant-based ingredients designed to increase cell turnover and encourage collagen production. If you have body texture issues or keratosis pilaris, you’ll love the exfoliating serum with seven natural AHAs and BHA provide a gentle chemical exfoliation to smooth and unclog pores as well as nourishing ingredients like olive squalane and hyaluronic acid

Frank Body In Shower Moisturiser

Applying body lotion not high on your to-do list? We admit it can be admin-heavy but as skirt/shorts and sandal weather is upon us, it becomes a higher priority for some! Why not try this solution? Australian skincare brand Frank Body brings us an in-shower lotion that you apply while you’re under the stream of water. It has deeply hydrating shea butter and skin-protecting vitamin E that help lock in moisture and you’re all done before you even step out of the shower. 

Bare Hands The Natural Pedicure Kit

Described as ‘the minimalists approach to footcare’ it’s a stretch to say dealing with dry and callused feet would ever be considered chic, but this is about as close as it gets with its minimalist approach and packaging! New in at online skincare boutique INÈS, the kit includes a glass file – the surface of which provides a gentle abrasion – and a verbena balm stick that melts into a nourishing and occlusive oil intended for use after the file to  soften and protect skin. 

Biossance Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream

This deeply hydrating body cream is just the thing to nourish and smooth skin all over the body. Squalane, a sugar-cane-derived oil that is the hero of this brand, leads the way, leaving skin feeling silky smooth while energising caffeine aims to tone skin and restore elasticity while niacinamide nourishes skin’s protective barrier.

Image top, courtesy Emma Lewisham.