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Harrison Ford’s 6 favourite things

Harrison Ford’s 6 favourite things

From the great outdoors to Greta Thunberg, MiNDFOOD talks to Harrison Ford about his favourite things.

Harrison Ford’s 6 favourite things

The great outdoors

“Wild places by their very nature give us solace and a bit of quietude in which to regain some of the composure we lose in everyday life,” says Ford. “I just came back with my family from a 12-day trip at the Grand Canyon, through the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

“And other than my wife (Calista Flockhart) and son and some friends, there was nothing to distract us for 12 days. There was the water, the geology, the sky and our own brain monkeys (laughs) which quiet in the presence of the power of nature. You find almost a pre-natural instinct for calm and perspective. And that’s been my experience in nature.”


“I’ve had many dogs in my life,” recalls the star of The Call of the Wild. “My first pet was called Lady, when I was a kid. We currently have three dogs in our family at the moment but we also have the memory of all the dogs that have gone before. And they’ve always been an important in part of our family.”

I can’t conceive of having the opportunity to have a dog in your life and then choosing not to. I mean, certainly if you travel too much, or there are circumstances in your life, but they can be such comfort. You can do simple things for them and they can bring so much emotional value to your life. All my of dogs have been rescues.”


“I had never thought of being an actor until I was still 13, 14 years old, when I saw “To Kill a Mockingbird.” And there was a beautifully realised human story that had an element of social justice as one of its themes. And that was a very powerful influence on me. That changed my life.”

Social justice

I had a Jewish mother, Catholic father and both of them had abandoned their religion,” explains Ford. “So I was raised not with biblical principles, but ethical principles that came out of their personal experiences, growing up in the Depression, the political upheaval of the MacArthur years, and a faith and belief in humanity and social justice.”

Coffee and whiskey

“I like to have coffee until about 6pm, but I’m happy if I go until 5 O’clock, then I like a whiskey,” he says.

Greta Thunberg

“The Greta Thunberg’s of thew world and the other climate activists, people who are committed who will make a change and will create political change. I said in a speech to the United Nations, the best thing we can do for the environment, is get the hell out of their way,” he tells us.

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