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Hair wipes are the quick-fix hair solution you never knew existed


Hair wipes are the quick-fix hair solution you never knew existed

Wipes have gained a bad reputation in recent years.

Deservedly so, given we’re all trying our best to limit the use of single-use plastics and wasteful products in general. 

But in recent months a new generation of wipes has emerged to help out those that miss the quick and simple solution they provide without having a detrimental environmental effect. In particular, biodegradable and in some cases even dissolving face wipes and face masks, have become available. 

But the latest eco-friendly wipes create a whole new category that didn’t even exist before.

Consider hair wipes a new form of dry shampoo, except they won’t leave your roots glugged up, your hair dusty and white, or your scalp itchy. 

They come in the form of a pre-dampened, rinse free, lightly scented, single-use towelette that contains a gentle cleansing formula.

Passed over the hairline and massaged through the roots of your hair, they quickly cleanse dirty and oily roots and freshen your locks. You can then leave hair to air dry or blast with a blow-dryer for a quick re-style. 

While there are a handful of simple hair wipes or ‘shampoo wipe’ options emerging internationally, the first notable option down under is the just-launched Lazy Girls Biodegradable Hair Cleanse Cloths from famed British editorial and celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight. 

Having styled the locks of Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Cate Blanchett and even Princess Diana, and worked on countless high fashion runway shows and shoots for the likes of Balmain, Chanel, Gucci and Prada, McKnight’s haircare line has become a favorite for its ease of use and relaxed, lived in, ‘cool girl’ hair.

The collection is available in New Zealand and Australia at MECCA and includes  Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist, Easy-Up Do Texture Spray and more. 

The new Hair Cleanse Cloths are perfect for refreshing second or third day hair or for anyone with a fringe that gets a bit separated but doesn’t want to do a full wash. The real beauty of them is that they have the fresh and stylish scent (juniper Wood and Water Lily if you’re wondering!) of the rest of McKnight’s hair collection so not only does hair look better after use, but it smells better too. 

And about that eco issue? These cloths are made from tree pulp cellulose, making them fully biodegradable in as little as six weeks.

McKnight says he created the cloths as he often works with models who arrive at shows with hair that needs washing or has make-up in their hairline from the previous shows. He wanted something that worked immediately to clean and refresh the hair without having to starting from scratch.

However they’re equally useful in everyday life and would also be brilliant in the gym bag, on holiday or even during hospital stays. While they don’t have quite the heavy duty, oil-soaking expertise of dry shampoo, they do leave hair feeling fresh and clean and are great for smaller touch ups. 

Other hair wipes available internationally vary from a more oil-blotting paper style to those that eliminate static and frizzy flyaways but you can expect to see a lot more landing in the coming months. 



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