The Best Gym Bag Beauty Essentials for Healthy Skin

Make caring for your skin before and after a workout easy with these gym bag beauty essentials and expert-approved tips. 

Forget about perfecting your make-up for the increasingly popular gym selfie, according to the experts, working out in a full face of make-up definitely isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

“It’s advisable to keep the skin clear of any heavy facial make up such as 24-hour, long-lasting products or those with heavy coverage and it’s essential during exercise to avoid makeup that contains comedogenic ingredients, this will help prevent possible congestion and breakouts post-exercise,” explains Emma Hobson, education manager for Dermalogica.

Take a look at her top tips for a beauty-friendly workout.

1.    Cleansing wipes are always handy for the gym for a quick skin clean but nothing beats a good foaming gel cleanser to get all the dirt and sweat off the skin.

2.    Since sweat evaporates on the skin’s surface this can actually can cause dehydration, therefore before you work out, spritz your skin with a non-alcohol based toner, the humectants (Hyaluronic Acid) within the toner bind, boost as ‘lock’ the moisture in the skin.

3.    If you can, wait a few minutes until you put your moisturiser until the skin has cooled down. Then apply a lightweight skin hydrator. Nothing too active whilst the skin is hot and the blood flow is very active.

4.     Since we tend to resemble a red tomato once we finished our workout,  to combat the redness apply a ‘ booster’ or concentrate that contains calming ingredients and bio flavonoids.  Red raspberry (in an 80% concentration) will not only reduce the redness it will also help to strengthen the capillary walls as well as sooth the skin. Another great and instant redness reducer is to use a spritz toner that contains Canadian Willowherb:  It has been compared to hydrocortisone due to its non-steroidal drug qualities for affecting the inflammatory response.

5.    It’s also a good idea to keep your hair off your face during exercise, particularly if you use styling products in your hair, often these products contain comedogenic ingredients which can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts. Equally, if your hair, as well as your skin, is oily it is advisable to tie your hair back to prevent the skin from becoming excessively oily and increasing the incidence of skin breakouts. It is so important we keep the bodies hydration levels up otherwise you can feel dizzy and nauseated. Organs can’t function properly without water so ensure pre, during and post exercise you drink plenty of water.

Discover our favourite gym bag beauty essentials in the gallery below.

5 Minutes with Erdem on his H&M collab

Whimsical, romantic and utterly breath-taking are just a few of the feelings we’re having for H&M’s 2017 designer collaboration with one of our all-time favourite designers, the king of florals: Erdem. MiNDFOOD STYLE caught up with the man himself and H&M’s creative advisor, to find out everything you need to know about the collection that lands in-store on 2 November.

What were the key differences between designing for H&M and the runway?

There was a big difference because when I’m designing catwalk collection, it’s ruled by one overarching narrative. For ERDEM X H&M, it was much more about reflecting and re-examining the work I’ve done for the past twelve years, and reinterpreting it in a new way. The narrative for ERDEM X H&Mis much more loose, about a group of friends in an English county house, mixing together their wardrobe and wearing it in their own way.

Beautiful detailing features strongly in the collection. Why was this so important?

Details are everything to me. When I agreed to collaborate, I was adamant that everything would be the most beautiful it could possibly be. I was determined that everything would have the most amazing cut and silhouette, in the most beautiful fabrics with real attention to detail in the trims and finishes.

What is it about flowers and what they imply that keeps you coming back to them again and again?

My thinking with flowers has always been about the feminine. I’m fascinated by things that imply femininity, whether it is a fabric like lace, floral prints or a
certain silhouette. I think it’s fascinating that a fabric or a cloth can confuse you, and that you can’t tell if it ‘s 50 years old or 100 years old or brand new. I
love that you can create something digitally and that’s totally your own, and yet it can cause such confusion.

There is this really beautiful synergy between the menswear and womenswear; they’re almost interchangeable. Was this intentional?

We designed both collections at the same time, and I love that it was like a conversation that grew between them. I loved the idea of creating a group of
men’s clothes that could be worn by women too. When I started designing the collection, I was thinking about my sister when we were growing up, and how
she’d wear something functional like a fleece over a tea-dress. It’s great to think of someone taking the fleece from the men’s collection and wearing it
over the sinuous sequined slip dress.

Strong silhouettes and tailoring are prominent in the men’s and women’s collections. Why is structure and tailoring important to both

Silhouette is something that’s so important to me, because at the end of the day I love designing clothes. I love that there are so many different silhouettes
in ERDEM x H&M, especially in the dresses. Tailoring is something that I love, and the tailored tweed blazer for both men and women is my favourite piece
in the whole collection – it’s got such an amazing, neat silhouette.

Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor, H&M.

What was it that drew the H&M team to a collaboration with Erdem for 2017?

Every year, we love to give our customers something completely different, so they can experience all the different sides of fashion. I love that we’re following the immediacy and impact of KENZO with a collection of such incredible beauty and romance. We also like to work with designers at different stages of their career – it’s so exciting that so many people around the world will have their first experience of ERDEM through this collaboration.

How did the collaborative process work? 
With each of our collaborations, we tell the designers that we want the true essence of their brand. Once we have agreed on the nature of the collaboration, we give them the freedom to design the collection in their own way. It’s then our task to produce the first samples that would be affordable toH&M customers. When we present these samples to the designers, they often can’t believe what we’ve managed to achieve. It’s always an exciting moment for us, because it shows how close our worlds can be, and how designer collaborations are a natural part of H&M. It’s always so great to discover that what we all have in common is the love for fashion, and a desire to share that with the world. We love that our customers get to experience these different worlds!

What was the highlight of working with Erdem?
We have had such an amazing time working with Erdem. He’s such great company, and I think his warmth and friendliness shows through in his work. He loves people, and has such a great understanding of who wears his clothes – its like they are his friends. He’s also very specific, and he has an eye for perfection. With each of our collaborations, we want to capture the true essence of the brand. It was exciting for us to work with someone who cared so much about every single detail.

How would you describe the Erdem x H&M collection in just one sentence?

For me, this collaboration is about pure beauty, it’s like beautification for the troubled world that we live in.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

It is hard to select only one, I love all of them! I really like the jacquard suit, the tweed garments or the leopard fake fur long coat, together with the jewel bag, making the whole outfit very cool. I love to mix the collection with garments from the men’s collection, such as the silk pyjama.

The ERDEM X H&M collection is available in-store from 2 November. Take a look at our 11 favourite pieces here