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Gucci launches perfume made from recycled carbon emissions


Gucci launches perfume made from recycled carbon emissions
Gucci has just launched the first globally-distributed perfume using alcohol from 100% recycled carbon emissions.

In 2021, multi-national beauty brand Coty announced it had joined forces with biotechnology company Lanzatech. The partnership’s aim was to introduce sustainable alcohol made from captured-carbon emissions into its fragrance products. Coty owns or produces fragrances for a number of big name brands including Tiffany & Co, Calvin Klein, Chloé and Gucci Beauty.

Now, Gucci Beauty has just marked the first release under that initiative where all of its alcohol content is created from captured carbon emissions.

Alcohol is the primary ingredient in most perfumes, so a more eco-friendly way of producing it is big news for the industry.

Where My Heart Beats Eau de Parfum is the latest fragrance in Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden collection, which is inspired by the art of alchemy. The fragrance uses innovative CarbonSmart™ alcohol from LanzaTech.

LanzaTech’s process captures carbon from industrial emissions which would typically be released into the atmosphere. Instead the emissions are recycled into alcohol pure enough for use in fine fragrances. The process uses less water and reduces the need for agricultural land compared to traditional methods of alcohol production.

Until now, Coty has introduced carbon-captured alcohol into its fragrances in part, meaning traditional alcohol is mixed with carbon-captured alcohol.

For the launch of Where My Heart Beats, Coty has segregated the supply of carbon-captured alcohol, making this the first globally distributed fragrance on the market which is manufactured using 100% carbon-captured alcohol.

An airy-floral, Where My Heart Beats is said to evoke rose and lily of the valley yet with a greener, fresher quality.

‘Like a blossoming bouquet with dancing butterflies, the blend highlights the enchantment of peony through a chorus of white peony accord, violet leaves accord, and white musk,’ says Gucci of the new scent.




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