Gucci 100 collection celebrates the house’s centennial

Gucci has marked its centennial year with a special collection celebrating the brand’s staying power.

Gucci 100 explores the house’s impact on pop culture over the last century, and incorporates unique plays on the Gucci logo into ready-to-wear and accessories.

A key theme within the collection takes its cue from a figure that speaks to the house’s influence: the word ‘Gucci’ has appeared in the lyrics of 22,705 songs since 1921.

This number and a selection of lyrics from these songs feature in the pieces from the Gucci 100 collection.

The collection is showcased through a campaign which uses diverse music genres as the backdrop as a cast of characters moves through an evolution of sounds, harmonies, movements, tastes and styles.

Maggie Marilyn launches Somewhere Tailoring

Beautifully tailored staples that stand the test of time should be part of every woman’s wardrobe.

For pieces that transcend trends, look no further than Somewhere Tailoring, newly launched by Maggie Marilyn.

Comprising crisp white shirts, classic pencil skirts, timeless pantsuits and more, Somewhere Tailoring is set to be a go-to for effortless elegance.

Take a peak at the new collection with the lookbook below: