Grains for Muscle Gains


Grains for Muscle Gains
New research finds that wholemeal and wholegrain bread is a good source of protein.

During the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council’s recent bread audit, the organisation discovered that bread provides a strong dose of protein.

One in five loaves of wholegrain and wholemeal breads are a nutritious source of plant protein, with 10g or more protein per serve, the audit found. This equates to the same amount of protein that two eggs or a glass of milk contains. White bread also has a surprisingly high protein content, with 73% containing 5g per serve.

Nutrition Manager for GLNC Felicity Curtain said the news should help people seeking protein-rich diets reassess their purchases. “Most of us can easily reach our daily needs through a range of whole foods, including bread,” she says. “When combined with other good quality protein foods like meat, eggs, dairy foods or legumes, grains will get you well on your way to meeting your protein needs.”

Wheat, barley, oats and rye are all grains that have naturally high protein levels. They also carry dietary fibre, phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins. Eating bread to increase your protein intake has the added benefit of being far more economical than buying supplements – which 10% of Australian consumers do.

Daily protein needs differ from person to person, but 0.75-1g per kilogram of body weight is a good general guideline, GLNC state.

5 Snacks with Rich Protein Content:

  • A smoothie with milk, fruit, yoghurt and rolled oats
  • A wholegrain roll with cheese, salad and lean meat
  • Wholegrain crackers with hummus and cheese
  • A bowl of cereal with fruit and yoghurt
  • Two slices of wholegrain toast with peanut butter and banana


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