Got Dairy?


Got Dairy?
The importance of calcium in a balanced diet.

Many New Zealanders do not get enough calcium in their diet. The body does not produce calcium, which means we need it from other sources. Dark leafy greens (think broccoli and kale) and fish with soft edible bones (sardines, canned salmon) contain calcium, but the richest source is dairy products, including cheese, milk and yogurt. While the amount we need to consume depends on factors such as gender and age, incorporating calcium into your daily diet is extremely important.

Not only does calcium play a vital role in building and maintaining strong bones, your muscles also need it to function properly. The normal function of digestive enzymes depends on calcium, too. So make sure you include calcium in your daily routine. With at least 30 per cent of your recommended daily intake of calcium in every serve, why not try the Symbio™ 14-Day Challenge? Challengers have reported that Symbio™ helps support inner balance and wellbeing in as little as two weeks.




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