Gorilla undergoes therapy for sexist behaviour

By Efrosini Costa

Gorilla undergoes therapy for sexist behaviour
Meet Patrick, the sexist gorilla that’s undergoing therapy for his attitude problem.

Misogyny is a word that has captured the attention of many but it seems an aggressive patriarchal attitude may not just be reserved for mankind.

Even in the animal kingdom it seems sexist behaviour exists – according to one recent incident at a Dallas zoo.

Patrick, a 195-kilogram gorilla is being relocated from the zoo because his keepers believe he needs an attitude adjustment.

The Western lowland gorilla will undergo treatment at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina – a well-known rehabilitation centre for ‘difficult’ gorillas.

Patrick’s problem with his female counterparts saw him “sneer and bite” other gorillas – but specially he targeted females.

His carers believe the anti-female attitude stems from abandonment issues – after being rejected by his mother soon after birth – and a bloated sense of male privilege. According to them Patrick is “much more tolerant of other male gorillas.”

The aggressive nature of this particular is not a recent phenomenon at Dallas Zoo’s gorilla enclosure; Patrick has been a known menace to zookeepers for some time.

“It’s not like we haven’t tried, he’s been here for 18 years,” Dallas Zoo spokeswoman Laurie Holloway told reporters.

Dallas Zoo officials added that the gorilla gets along quite well with humans – having been hand-raised by them – but after repeatedly trying to socialise him with female gorillas for breeding purposes, Patrick’s behavior became increasingly aggressive.

It is this gregarious behaviour that has seen Patrick separated from other gorillas in his own habitat away from his home.

“He’s beautiful and smart and everyone loves him,” Holloway argued, adding that: “We’re really sad to see him go but it’s for the best for the zoo and for Patrick.”


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