Giapo Introduces The Roti Ice Cream Wrap


Giapo Introduces The Roti Ice Cream Wrap
Giapo's newest ice cream creation is sure to delight.

The hardworking creatives at Giapo have come up with another delicious way to serve ice cream: wrapped in a soft, handmade roti. The roti ice cream wrap continues Giapo’s unique and delicious pedigree of world-famous comfort foods translated into the language of ice cream.

Over the years Giapo and his innovative team have brought us ice cream versions of well-known foods such as gyoza, Yorkshire pudding, Māori fried bread, pani puri and arancini. Now their homage to the Indian staple flatbread roti, further proves that there’s so much more potential to ice cream when we look beyond simply sticking a scoop of it in a plain cone.

The brainchild of Giapo chef Amrit, the creation takes a beloved everyday food from her hometown Bilga, India, retaining the traditional method of cooking the roti but then making a sharp turn – going on to incorporate the roti into a truly delectable dessert.

Customers can opt for their preferred flavour of ice cream, then the kitchen prepares the roti to order by caramelising it on both sides in a pan with a little sugar. The cold ice cream hits the warm roti and the whole thing is rolled up, adorned with toasted New Zealand nuts and served. A beautiful marriage of warm and cool, chewy and creamy.


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