Giant Spider Web Covers New Zealand Reserve

By Danielle Pope

Image courtesy of Tracey Maris - Facebook
Image courtesy of Tracey Maris - Facebook
This story is not for arachnophobes

Thousands of spiders have quietly created a giant web, which has spanned part of the Gordon Spratt Reserve, in the suburb of Papamoa, Tauranga on New Zealand’s North Island.

As SunLive reported earlier this week, local resident Tracey Maris saw something shimmering on the new tsunami evacuation hill at the Reserve. To Maris’ great surprise, the entire mound was covered in spider web, with thousands of baby spiders.

In a move that will get the hearts of arachnophobia sufferers’ pumping, Maris says she accidentally walked inside part of the web, as she was filming the phenomenon.

The National Geographic has reported that the spider web was created when the spiders underwent a “mass exodus” to higher ground, due to the heavy downpour in New Zealand over the past week. Similar events occurred in Tasmania and South Australia last year.


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