Giant Louis Vuitton trunk erected in Russia’s Red Square

By Efrosini Costa

Giant Louis Vuitton trunk erected in Russia’s Red Square
A giant Louis Vuitton bag erected in Russia's historic Red Square has locals seeing red.

The giant-sized brown trunk, covered with the French Luxury brands signature LV monogram was placed in the UNESCO World Heritage site over a week ago.

It was positioned outside the GUM, a 19th century department store that faces the square.

Russia’s communist party and many locals were left outraged by the suitcase’ presence in close proximity to the Kremlin’s walls and Lenin’s mausoleum.

Critics believe the display mocks the cultural and historical significance of the site and blocks the view of famous landmarks.

“I came here specially to see this disgrace. I heard about it on the radio. I was simply outraged. Where was our government looking before? Putin is driving along here everyday and looking at this disgrace,” one local resident told reporters.

She was not alone in this belief. Other residents were quoted saying:

“I think it’s really bad, because it’s in the way of the beauty of our Red Square and it’s a foreign brand. It has to be removed.”

“I think that it’s very bad. It’s not good to have it In Red Square. Of course it has to be demolished, and things like suitcases shouldn’t be here any time in the future on Red Square.”

The LV trunk was constructed as part of “The Soul of Travel” exhibit, a retrospective of the Louis Vuitton brand whose profits would benefit Russian children’s charity.

Local media has reported that notice of the trunk’s construction was not given to the president’s administration, which has since ordered the display to be dismantled.

Louis Vuitton issued a statement claiming that it “respects the integrity of the historic Red Square site and that the exhibit “was not a commercial venture.”

However some media have reported that the move reflected modern Russia, where corruption made anything possible- including the erection of giant luxury advertisements at the symbolic square without the approval of Muscovites.

Do you think the construction of the Louis Vuitton trunk was offensive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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