Get Your Skin Glowing in Time for Winter

Thanks to game-changing advances in at-home skincare treatments, getting the radiant, healthy skin of your dreams could be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. We’re seeing an abundance of at-home treatments that have been designed to not only give in-spa treatments a run for their money but to prolong the effects of your regular in-clinic treatments. Elizabeth Arden’s revolutionary addition to the iconic Prevage range, Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment, works to enhance radiance and skin health in just four weeks. We talk to dermatologist to the celebrities, Dr. Dendy Engelman about how the groundbreaking new innovation works. 

We have started to see a lot more targeted, at-home peels launch recently. Why do you think this is?

There’s increased awareness about skincare and ageing, from both a health and beauty perspective and people are taking their skincare into their own hands. With more and more women pursuing in-office treatments, there’s a natural extension to want to maintain the results at home. While my patients leave the lasers and injectables to me, they are looking for more aggressive peels and treatments to enhance their skincare routines with extra at-home boosts.

How is the new Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment different from other at-home peels?

Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment was carefully formulated to be both powerful, yet gentle, harnessing Prevage’s scientifically proven technology and new breakthrough ingredients at progressively higher concentrations. The peel contains Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) which are excellent exfoliating acids that have a larger molecular size and therefore are less irritating than traditional AHAs.

When PHAs are freshly mixed with Idebenone (the powerful antioxidant in Prevage) they gently resurface and protect newly-revealed skin cells from environmental aggressors. It’s also pH buffered to ensure proper exfoliation while limiting irritation. Each week of the four-week treatment, the concentration of ingredients is gradually increased to further optimize efficacy and minimize the potential for irritation.

How does the peel work and what results should users expect to see?

PHA and AHA resurface the skin as they exfoliate, gently sloughing off dead skin cells and enhancing natural cell turnover. Each ampoule delivers increasingly higher concentrations of Hydroxy Acids that help the skin acclimate to the acids for maximum benefits and minimal irritation. AHAs are most efficacious in low PH environments, so the formula utilizes pH buffering Phosphate Salts to help maintain low pH on skin to maximize the effects of the AHAs.  PHA, freshly mixed with Idebenone, helps jumpstart skin renewal and protect newly-revealed skin cells from environmental 

To use start with the Phase 1 ampoule, press the button to release the Idebenone from the ampoule cap. Shake evenly until mixed, then replace the cap with the dropper. Smooth formula onto your entire face after cleansing and before heading to bed. Repeat daily for one week, shaking ampoule before each use, before moving onto the next ampoule, then repeat the entire process for Phases 2-4.

After the first week, you’ll see an increase in radiance and clarity. Fine lines and pores will appear diminished in week two. Deeper lines appear reduced after week three and skin looks younger with an evened tone after week four.

Pick up the MiNDFOOD June issue to find out what our beauty editor thought when she put Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment to the test. 

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