Get your game on with Rodney Wayne

Nothing has the power to pep up your self-confidence quite like stepping out of the salon with shiny, healthy tresses, a radiant new colour and a haircut. “Everybody knows how great a good haircut feels,” agrees Richard Kavanagh, creative director for Rodney Wayne and New Zealand’s most successful hairdressing export. “But sometimes as your cut grows out and colour fades, you just put up with it. You end up in a space where you feel a little flat and you’re not sure why. And then you get a great cut and a great colour and it really lifts your whole game. The feeling you get from looking your best, it’s almost invaluable.”

This summer Rodney Wayne has Kiwi women and men a challenge: get your game on. “As a nation, we’re super casual. But there are a disproportionate number of Kiwis excelling at the top of their game in every industry around the world,” explains. Together with Rodney Wayne, Kavanagh wants Kiwis to step up, look the part and embrace how great a good haircut makes us feel.

Here are Kavanagh’s hot tips for stepping out of the salon with the cut of your dreams.

Establish trust with your stylist
“The single piece of best advice is to show your hairdresser what you do want and show them what you don’t want,” Kavanagh says. “But be prepared. You know yourself when you look at any imagery, your eyes will be drawn to something different than the next person’s eyes.” Kavanagh emphasises that it’s incredibly important to start a dialogue with your hairdresser about what you’re seeing in the picture.


Know what works


“Be aware of what works for you but be open to change within that spectrum of what works for you,” Kavanagh says explaining that you don’t need a dramatic change to keep your look fresh. “You don’t always need to do something completely different. Think small changes, seasonal changes.”

Learn from your hairdresser


Hairdressers are a wealth of knowledge and often under-utilised when it comes to styling your tresses says Kavanagh. “Add an extra 15 minutes to your appointment and ask your hairdresser to recommend different ways you can style your hair. That might mean you need to invest in some new products or a new styling tool but get them to teach you how to do it.”

Take a look at the campaign below, and discover the power of a great haircut.

Get the look: At First Blush

Nothing says “hello summer” like rosy cheeks. A pop of pink, coral or bronze is all you need to make your skin sing. Pop these blushing beauties into your make-up bag and get your glow on.

Clockwise from top left: Sculpt, highlight and contour with one of VB’s personal favourites: Victoria Beckham x EstĂ©e Lauder Highlighter in Modern Mercury. The silky formula doubles as the perfect warm bronze eyeshadow too. Try the innovative LancĂ´me Cushion Blush formula that glides onto cheeks to give them the perfect hint of colour. It’s hard to overlook serious shades of pink when it comes to blush and Chanel Joues Contraste in Hyperfresh is just the ticket. Paint your cheeks and your pout with the new YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush shades – a rosy hue of pink and an orangey-coral tone. Bobbi Brown‘s Brightening Brick remains a go-to favourite for an all-over sun-kissed glow.