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Get the look: Runway-worthy skin


New York Pret a Porter Woman Spring/Summer 2017 Tanya Taylor show
New York Pret a Porter Woman Spring/Summer 2017 Tanya Taylor show

If you’ve ever spent anytime looking at backstage beauty images, you’ve probably spent just as much time pondering how models get that glowing, flawless skin. Are they just blessed? Is it just genetics? How much water are they drinking? And most importantly, how on earth do I create a runway-worthy canvas at home. When in New York MiNDFOOD STYLE beauty editor, Nicole Saunders caught up with M.A.C senior artist, Michelle Clark to find out all we need to know about that skin.

Aside from models being genetically blessed, what really goes into creating that flawless, radiant, almost ethereal skin we always see on the runway?  

To be completely honest, it can be scary backstage, we don’t always have all the time we need and these poor models are having their make-up done six times a day. Imagine how that feels, and what that does to your skin! It’s so important they stay hydrated. Everything is against you at fashion week. You have to over do it with sleeping, with water and then with products. I personally carry Waterweight, Face & Body Foundation, Pro Longwear Concealer and Studio Finish Concealer. With them I can create any type of skin texture that the key make-up artist is looking for.

If you want skin real, go for Face & Body. It’s the softest veil of coverage, you can press it into the skin. It looks like that perfect amount of glow, without feeling heavy. And it’s the perfect amount of coverage, you can still see through it but it gets rid of any redness or irritation. Waterweight gives you a touch more coverage, it’s a bit more satin. It’s really like a laboratory here, you almost have to be like a mad scientist!

The question on every woman’s lips is cane we recreate it at home?

It starts with treating your face and your skin the way you want it to look. You have to drink a tonne of water! More water than you think you should drink – you should drink that and then some more. Removing your make-up at night is a huge. The secret to good skin, which is really not a secret at all is: drink water, remove your make-up at night, moisturise and don’t over do it with too many heavy products. And it’s about making sure you’re asking the right questions when you go into the store. You need to talk to experts about customising a skincare recipe for your skin. A foundation will only ever look as good as the skin that it’s on, so you have to take care of that first, and then you’ll need less foundation and you won’t need to cover up and create a canvas, you’ll already have that canvas.

Above image: Michelle Clark backstage at Tanya Taylor S/S 16/17.



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