Get the look


1 Prep hair by brushing Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam through hair to add body and shine. Use a comb to create a left side part. 

2 Divide hair into four sections: sides, back, and top. Fold the top section over the face and clip to separate.

3 Backcomb the back section of hair with a brush to create messy volume. Spray liberally with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for maximum hold. 

4 Cross bobby pins horizontally across the middle of the back section, just below the crown of the head, to create an anchor.

5 Using large hair pins, attach a hairdresser’s sponge at the crown, where bobby pins are anchored.  

6 Cross the right section of backcombed hair over to the left, pinning over the hairdresser’s sponge with large hair pins. Repeat with the left section of backcombed hair, bringing it to right. Take all remaining hair in the back section and twirl to the left to create a French twist. Secure the twist at the nape of the neck with hair pins, creating a tail of loose hair draped over the shoulder. 

7 Set aside a portion of hair to fall in front of the left ear, and brush remaining top section of hair over the hairdresser’s sponge. Pin it into the French twist to create a ‘pouf’. Pull lightly with fingers to create loose, spontaneous volume. Spray with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.

8 Leave a few wisps of free-falling hair in front of the left ear, and loosely pin remaining pieces above the right ear. Spray liberally with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray to finish.

Make time your friend

Schwarzkopf Professional introduces new BC TIME RESTORE.

For centuries, women have used products to preserve their skin’s natural beauty and keep it looking young. The importance of skin care is undisputed. The question is: how can we protect the youthfulness of our hair too?

Fortunately, in this age of technological advancement, we now have the ability to protect and restore the hair – making true beauty timeless.

Through extensive laboratory research and drawing on 111 years of experience, Schwarzkopf Professional have created the all new BC TIME RESTORE range, which actually helps to encourages the production of healthy looking hair.

Each product in the range contains two key ingredients that actively help restore and revitalise your hair, Q10 and AMINO CELL REBUILD technology. Q10 is a co-enzyme, widely known for it’s cosmetic anti-aging values in skin care.

Combined with breakthrough AMINO CELL REBUILD technology, which for the first time, rebuilds the hair’s architecture from within and renews strength and elasticity. Together these two key ingredients form the Q10 PLUS Complex, which stimulates the hair and scalp of mature hair to revitalise the beauty of hair over time. Aiding the return of new hair growth to its optimum youthful appearance, for outstanding beauty and shine with each application.

Don’t delay! Grasp the opportunity to preserve your youthful hair beauty today. Click on the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Directory to find your nearest salon that will introduce you to this exceptional new range and recommend a tailor-made treatment regime you can also enjoy at home.

It’s time to try BC TIME RESTORE.