Get Makeup-Free Looking Skin With This Genius Trick


Cropped shot of a sexy young woman standing on the beach
Cropped shot of a sexy young woman standing on the beach
We all know those girls who have totally flawless skin but don’t seem to be wearing makeup. Turns out, it could all be a big optical illusion…

It seems like there is a small population of superhumans who are blessed with totally flawless skin, while the rest of us battle away with foundation to try and smooth out the complexion we’ve been given.

However, according to French makeup artist, and recently appointed Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder, Violette, the secret may not lie in the gene pool but rather it may come down to a simple beauty secret.

In a recent Instagram video, Violette reveals a very clever optical illusion.

Violette, who isn’t usually a fan of foundation due to her love of the texture of bare skin, revealed her light coverage foundation routine. “Makeup is always about an optical illusion. If you have foundation where you need it, but the rest is bare, people will think that it’s just real skin.”

The key to looking like you’re not actually wearing anything, according to Violette is by skipping the step of applying foundation to the nose “I never ever, ever apply foundation on the nose. The nose is the center of the face . . . It’s the middle part, and if the centre of the face is bare, the side of the face is bare, is going to create this idea that you don’t have foundation.”

To get the full scoop, click here to watch the full video.


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