Get Kate-Worthy Hair in Just Two Steps

You’d think that getting hair like Kate Middleton would be up there with walking a tightrope, flawlessly reciting a tongue twister, and baking the perfect macaron. But James Pryce, the man behind Kate’s wedding hair, has shared the process and it’s actually pretty simple.

It’s a two-step method which involves some quality product and tool or two.

To style her locks, James told Cosmo that he used Redken’s Curvaceous Full Swirl Cream Serum, which considering is a royal secret, is pleasantly rather light on the wallet.

His method was to smooth the serum through Kate’s damp hair to boost the bounce. He then dried her hair with a diffuser to minimise frizz, and give the Duchess’ curls that extra bit of playful elasticity.

To use a diffuser on your own hair, James recommends turning your head upside down and drying in that position. The crucial step, according to the royal stylist, is to make sure you use the hairdryer on a high heat and low-speed setting.

There’s not a heck of a lot more to it, other than to enjoy strutting your stuff and looking as fabulous as Kate Middleton. See, simple!


Moochi Is Expanding Their Brood

Moochi is synonyms for everyday luxury, providing New Zealand women with off-duty essentials to coveted designer pieces. For years they’ve supplied the building blocks for an effortless yet intentional wardrobe, making their mark in many everyday outfits.

With already 9 stores nationwide, this powerhouse of a label is New Zealand royalty. Soon to add another jewel to their crown, they’ve just announced that they will be opening a 10th store, their first in Havelock North.

The store, Moochi Reserve, will be located underneath Porters Boutique Hotel, the name a nod to the local vineyards and wine industry. Managing Director, Chris Taylor, felt ‘this name just made sense, reserve being the premium wine selection as Moochi is to the fashion industry.’

The store will be one of the largest Moochi stores in the North Island, fulfiling the majority of their online orders, and will be a cornerstone for them to showcase all of their beautiful product ranges.

The Moochi story began 17 years ago in Mount Maunganui and now based in Auckland, has flourished into a key player in the New Zealand fashion scene.

The Moochi Reserve is located at 01 Havelock Road, Havelock North, and will open in mid August.