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Future coffee: the Fairtrade way

Coffee farmers in Colombia.

Future coffee: the Fairtrade way

More and more coffee companies are creating Fairtrade produce for a more ethical society.

Future coffee: the Fairtrade way

Millions of people around the world drink coffee every single day. Within that number of people, there are many who spare little thought to the farmers growing and harvesting the produce. Thankfully, an increasing number of coffee brands are adopting Fairtrade practices in a bid to create and maintain a more ethical society.

In a nutshell, Fairtrade aims to empower farmers and workers throughout the world by ensuring fair working conditions and regular, living wages. For a product to have the Fairtrade symbol on its packaging, the organisation producing it must meet international standards across economic, social and environmental platforms. These include paying Fairtrade’s minimum price, actively working to preserve the environment and protecting children and worker rights.

Fairtrade represents over 800,000 farmers from coffee producers in 30 different countries. Thanks to the organisation’s guarantee of ethical procurement, these farmers are able to invest in their own projects and have a greater quality of life. Look out for the Fairtrade symbol below when making your coffee choices.

For a guideline of Fairtrade coffee available in Australia and New Zealand, visit


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