From Fear To The Power of Choice

By Rebecca Jackson

From Fear To The Power of Choice
Does fear run your life? I can promise you that it controls most people’s lives, and it absolutely governed mine for far too many years! Fear is a result of forgetting that we are perfect and whole just the way we are. It grows when you forget that you are light, and part of a divine plan where we all are one. One energy. One love. One.

When you know that you have the power of the universe within you, it’s a lot easier to remember that you have a choice. To then be able to observe the situation and lean in, instead of falling into the depths of the situation and your fear.

Fear Has No Control Over You

Fear’s superpower is its ability to fuel negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and destructive behaviours. It destroys dreams. It stops you from living out your highest vision of yourself, your true soul’s desire. But it has no substance. It is just an energy. If you allow fear to move through you, it has no control over you. 

So, how do you allow fear in? The answer is simple: love. Love is the kryptonite to fear. Whenever you feel fear creeping in, choose love. Allow love and light to enter your consciousness and notice how quickly it dissolves the fear. When you let love in, your connection to spirit is strengthened, you feel expansive, and you are able to clearly see how you can choose to come from a higher state of consciousness.

Love is a Master Healer

Fear is a low-vibrational energy that cannot coexist with love. It thrives in the darkness and the void. Fear creates more fear. In contrast, love expands. So one of the simplest things to clear negative energies, thoughts, and fears is to bring in more love. Pure, unconditional love. When you choose to shift your energy into a place of higher resonance, your fear will either transmute into love or dissolve. It’s impossible for fear to survive while sustaining a high vibration.

The Power of Choice

One of the universal truths is that you always have a choice. At any point in time, you can choose fear or something else. The power of choice is its ability to offer you a different perspective and access to a higher level of consciousness. When you make choices that are in alignment with the true desires of your heart, you will feel empowered, energised, strong, and clear. Choices made from this space will swiftly propel you toward your desires.

Every Choice Matters

Science teaches us that for every action, there is a reaction, and this is true when you are on a spiritual path as well. The freedom to choose how we feel, interpret, and process any given situation is one of the greatest gifts we are given in life.

When you make a choice that is in alignment with your highest, like going to yoga or choosing not to gossip about a friend, you feel inspired, light, and happy. When you choose to act unconsciously, thinking it doesn’t matter it feels terrible!

Don’t forget you are the creator. Your choices make you who you are. Your choices create your present. Your choices create your future. Every choice matters. In every moment in time, you have the power to choose how you want to be. Discernment and laser sharp focus on what you want to create in your life, will support you in staying in alignment with your vision and out of fear. 

Rebecca Jackson is a purpose driven entrepreneur, empowerment coach, international speaker and author of You’re Not Alone: A Practical Guide for The Awakening Soul. For more information, click here.


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