Frock up for Frocktober

By Efrosini Costa

Frock up for Frocktober
This October we are being asked to re-love our favourite frocks everyday all in the name of Ovarian Cancer research.

You know those frocks that are hanging in the back of your wardrobe? The ones you may skip over in favour of a well-worn, trusty pair of pants? It’s time to pull them out for a good cause this month.

“Love the frock you’re in” is the name of the sixth annual campaign that hopes to help raise awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer research.

You can re-discover and re-love your favourite frocks – or they could be your sisters, best friend’s, mum’s etc. – make frocks, draw frocks and even hold frock-related events everyday this month in the name of this very important cause.

Forget buying something news, Frocktober campaigners want you to get creative by re-finding something old, something borrowed or even soemthign blue.

According to organisers, frocks are extraordinary garments that hold long-lasting memories of special times or events, happy places, funny moments and long-lost friends. Whatever the story, Frocktober is a chance to share it with the world.

Frocktober is not just for the ladies either, men can frock up too! With a bowtie, stylish shirt or jacket or colourful socks. because, while ovarian cancer is a disease that effects wives, mothers, daughters and sisters – it impacts the whole community.

Currently there is no cure for Ovarian cancer, often referred to as the ‘silent killer’ as its symptoms can be quite vague and often the disease can strike without warning.

As a result most women are diagnosed with the cancer in it’s late stages and only 20-30 per cent of all women diagnsoed with ovarian cancer will survive beyond five years after diagnosis.

But there is some good news, when ovarian cancer is diagnosed and treated early, survival rates increase to a whopping 80-100 per cent. Hence why emphasis on early detection is so important.

So this Frocktober, frock up for a good cause and help change the story by raising awareness and much-needed funds for Ovarian cancer research.

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