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Fresh or Frozen: What You Should Be Buying

Fresh or Frozen: What You Should Be Buying

Science says how you should be eating your food.

Fresh or Frozen: What You Should Be Buying

In an ideal world we would pick organically grown vegies from our garden, but often the reality of modern life is far removed from this ideal. If you often find yourself with limp broccoli wilting in the back of the fridge, you may be tempted to go the frozen veg option. And with good reason.

Research from UK’s University of Chester has shown that, in some cases, frozen vegetables may be more nutritious than fresh ones that are shipped over long distances. The advantage of frozen vegetables is they are usually picked when they’re ripe and snap frozen to preserve the nutrients.

Whether vegies are fresh or frozen, it is how they’re cooked that truly affects their nutrients. Boiling leaches the most vitamins, while steaming is much healthier. The key to retaining maximum nutrients is to use as little water as possible and cook them for a short time.

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