Four reasons you should be buying red papaya and yellow papaw

By Matt Bernard

Four reasons you should be buying red papaya and yellow papaw
Great to eat all year around, we have decided to compile a list of four reasons why you should definitely be buying more red papaya and yellow papaw.

1. Rich in nutrients

Consuming these versatile fruits each day makes it so easy to reach your recommended dietary intake to help stay on-the-go and alert all day. Rich in flavour and colour, they make a great addition in a fresh afternoon salad.


2. Increase your immune system

Papaya is rich in the antioxidants vitamin C and cartenoids, which greatly help strengthen our bodies’ defenses against illness and infection. Just 75 grams of papaya (half a serve) provides us with our recommended daily intake for vitamin C. Yellow papaw is also a great source of fibre, eaten with breakfast it will leave you feeling fuller for longer.


3. Healthier skin

Packed with these previously mentioned antioxidants, not only will they protect your body from infection, they will promote skin elasticity and form and repair skin cells. Mixed with papaya’s water content, these foods will leave your skin looking and feeling healthier.


4. Healthier pregnancy

Finally these foods are a great addition to the diet for an expecting Mum. Containing large amounts of folate, a vitamin responsible for cell division and growth, they will give you the nutrients you need to harbour a healthy baby. Versatile in their use, they can be used in a variety of ways to help satisfy those cravings.




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