Interview: Celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre

By Mariam Digges

Sydney by way of Spain chef Miguel Maestre shares his secrets for how to spend less time in the kitchen, without compromising flavour.

What are some of your solutions for marinating food quickly?

To marinate food quickly and infuse flavours, I always use airtight containers. You are able to pump the air out of your container in less than ten seconds. It’s a shortcut of almost a day. It achieves a great infusion of flavour, making your meat and fish tastier than ever with not much effort.

Also, use strong flavouring agents like chili, garlic, lemongrass, and ginger, and be careful when you marinate with citrus, like lemon or lime; don’t forget your meat or fish will cook with the citric acid and lose freshness if left for too long. 

What are some of your best-kept kitchen secrets?

–  Always use olive oil in baking and chocolate sauce, as it gives great moisture and shine and is healthier than butter. 

– Always rest meat for half of the time that you cook it. 

–  I always parboil potatoes before roasting them, so they are soft inside and crispy on the outside. 

–  Wait for your pan to heat up before cooking, so food caramelizes and doesn’t stew.

– I also have to confess; I love kitchen gadgets that make my life easier.

–  Always taste the food before you served it.

– To give your fish crispy skin, use a non-stick paper in the pan to avoid breakage 

– I could give you a million tips, but my best kept secret in the kitchen is enjoying what I do. Love is always the best ingredient in life – it makes everything taste better.

How would you create some of your famous tapas dishes in a flash with the Howard’s kitchen tools?

The Garlic Zoom is great for my garlic prawns – it’s quick, easy and not messy at all. 

I use the Apple Peeler for my apple pie and tarte tatin – never has it been so much fun peeling an apple. I use the Robot Stir to make my churros and my custards; he does all the hard work for me.  And when I cook, I like it to be tidy, so the Scraps Happy is my perfect partner in crime. 

What can we expect from your Spice Up Your Kitchen series?

Solutions is what you can expect from our new kitchen campaign, as well as reliability, and a new way to organise your kitchen. You’ll learn how to save space, time, and achieve more quality of life to spend with your loved ones.

How did you come to be involved with Howard’s Storage World?

I got involved with Howards Storage World because they were looking for a family man with a spicy personality, who’s dynamic, and credible in the kitchen. Lucky for me that I fit in the description, because it meant I became the face of our new amazing campaign “Spice up your kitchen with Miguel.” 

I wanted to show everybody how Howards’ can give you not just the right products to make your cooking easy, but also the right solutions to be organised and make your life easier when you are in the kitchen.


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