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Five of the Best Hydrating Cleansers

By Megan Bedford

Five of the Best Hydrating Cleansers
Cleanse your skin without stripping its natural protective barrier.

With the rapid expansion of the skincare industry, there are now numerous options in every category.  Which makes for tricky choosing, whether you’re looking for a simple, do-it-all product that slots into a basic routine or a more luxurious, sensorial product with packaging that complements your bathroom decor.

When it comes to cleansing, most people are in the former category. However there are times when you want a specific type of cleanser.

If you’re removing makeup each day, it’s worth considering the double cleansing approach. Put simply, it uses one, often oil-based, cleanser to break down products like mascara, eyeliner, foundation and lipstick. Then, your second cleanser removes any leftover residue as well as giving skin a good deep, but gentle clean. This step usually involves a gel, cream or milk- texture product.

If you just want to start the day and end it with clean skin, a simple cleanser will fit the bill. Cleansing regularly helps with keeping skin in good condition, removes dirt, facial oil, pollution and environmental build-up, prevents clogged pores and helps any serums and moisturiser work how they are meant to.

Those with sensitive skin, those that are finding their skin gets drier with age, or those who just want fresh, soft and supple skin that doesn’t feel tight and parched or ‘squeaky clean’ after cleansing, can all benefit from choosing a product that focuses on hydrating while it does the job.

A good hydrating cleanser includes ingredients designed to clean skin while protecting, rather than stripping away skin’s natural protective barrier (stratum corneum).

Here are five great contenders that can be used day and/or night:

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser

The best bang for your buck and hardly a lesser choice despite the price, this is a fantastic product. 

Gentle on the skin barrier thanks to included ceramides, it is kind to the most sensitive skin but gives a deep clean that wont leave skin feeling papery and brittle. Though it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing bottle, the upside is, left in the shower it can be used by the whole family, including any skincare-adverse members, or tweens and teens needing gentle encouragement to begin a skincare routine, however cursory, of their own. 

Allies of Skin Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser

Skincare aficionados listen up. This is an all-rounder that not only removes makeup but gives skin a mini facial with each use. The brand is known for using a decent amount of actives in each product and though you’re essentially washing them down the drain, the texture of not-only the product itself but your skin after use, is worth splashing out for. 

Sothys Comfort Cleansing Milk

A spa-worthy cleanser with a milky texture that is designed to apply straight onto dry skin. Massage gently with small rotating movements with wet fingers and it then emulsifies beautifully on skin with a touch of water. It rinses away without residue so you have a clean base for any serum and moisturiser. It works well for sensitive, dry and mature skin.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


This one has a long list of fans worldwide because it promises to work for all types of skin and focuses on leaving your complexion well hydrated and pH balanced. That means it won’t throw your natural balance of skin out, leaving it overly dry, or prone to shine or breakouts. It has 100s of reviews online singing its praises, and while it’s not the most luxurious product, it will become one of your most-reached for products.

Trilogy Rosehip Cream Cleanser

Looking for an all-natural option? Look no further. This is a beautifully formulated product that feels nourishing but still gets the job done so your face feels fresh and plump after using. That’s thanks to the numorus plant oils, including rosehip, that are used in its formulation, however it never feels heavy, nor leaves a film.

This was one of Trilogy’s first products and it’s not hard to see why it’s remained in the lineup and become so loved. The brand also helpfully sells a tiny 10ml size that can be used to trial the product and see if your skin agrees, as well as a larger pump-top 100 ml that makes dispensing in the shower or from the countertop a breeze. The small size is a great travel option too.


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