Five new must-have red lipsticks

Wearing red lipstick provides an undeniable mood boost, and there are some worthy new arrivals to consider.  

It’s clear we’re still in love with red lipstick.

Despite a new wave of glossy, shiny lip colours and sheer tinted balms arriving over summer, there are an equal number of pigment-rich classic lipsticks landing on counters right now.

From the weighty gold cases of high-end arrivals to the ease of accessible, on-the-go lip crayons, there is something for everyone’s taste – and budget.

What they have in common is a desirable one-swipe intensity that makes a serious impact, and with advanced formulas most keep your lips in kissable shape while you’re wearing them too. 

For those of use that need to wear masks regularly, helpfully there are options that won’t easily transfer.

The other appealing thing about classic reds is that despite the trend fluctuations that come and go – red lipstick is never out of style. Depending on what you wear it with, a red can be chic, sexy, edgy or the makeup equivalent of a power suit. 

How to wear them

There are a number of different ways to apply them.

To keep a classic matte in place, use a lip brush to define the outer edge of your lips, fill with the bullet and then bite down on a tissue to blot, before adding a second coat for longevity. 

To make lips look fuller, apply a matte lipstick and add a touch of clear gloss by pressing your ring finger to the center of your bottom lip. Press lips together, the shine should be concentrated in the middle section of your lips.  

For a subtle, low maintenance look apply a little lipstick to the center of your lips and use your finger to blend it into a diffused stain that will wear off evenly without looking obvious. 

Here are five stunning new arrivals on counters right now:

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Lip Crayon, $23.99
A touch dryer than the other options but wow, the impact. This is a matte that turns heads. The tip shape makes it easy to get a precise edge and we were repeatedly queried on the shade when we wore this in the pinky red shade called Little Chilli (pictured). Lips needed a touch of balm later in the day but the colour lasts really well.

Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour Refillable Lipstick, $66
Dior’s Rouge Dior range has long been a classic of the makeup world but now the French fashion and beauty house has expanded the offering. With the collection now numbering 46 shades, including the previous satin and mattes there are two new finishes, the extra-matte ‘velvet’ with long-lasting comfort and a bright, bold metallic option. Coming full circle, the newly designed cases are refillable, with new lipstick inserts available to click in place into the case once the original is done. The change harks back to Christian Dior’s initial vision, whose very first lipstick was created as refillable.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Shine Lipsticks, $64
A chic new addition to Estee Lauder’s formidable lip line up, this has a melting gel texture that feels somewhat akin to a balm, slicks on smoothly for a shiny but not sticky finish and its sheer to  pigment can be built up if you feel like applying a second coat. Naturally for the skincare experts, it is full of lip conditioning properties including Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Triglycerides.

Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Slim Lipstick, $19.99
With a slightly more accessible price tag this is a beautiful everyday option with a full-coverage creamy finish that’s flattering and comfortable, never cakey. It comes in a number of modern shades but of course we prefer the bold red!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Tender Matte, $63
With hyaluronic acid, shea butter and rose petal extract this new generation matte feels really nice to wear, it’s light and fresh and lasts like a dream without turning lips into a dry, puckered mess. 


Hollywood waves dominate the 2021 Golden Globes beauty stakes

Celebrities went with a touch of old-Hollywood glam at the 20201 Golden Globes. 

Despite being held in the midst of a pandemic, the 2021 Golden Globes bought the glamour. Or enough of it to keep style watchers happy at least.

It was always going to be an interesting year for the red carpet. Celebrities risk being damned if they do – in terms of viewers judging how appropriate it is to show up with high-voltage glamour, gowns and jewels or even at all – and damned if they don’t put in event-worthy showing in favour of dressed-down attire.

When it comes to the beauty stakes, and in particular hair, many stars went for a relaxed yet polished take. Read: smooth, undulating waves. It said ‘Hollywood’, but not OTT.

Even those celebrities not attending the pared-down event seemed to get into the spirit of the occasion, posting numerous images to their Instagram pages so their looks (and designer-lent outfits) would receive sufficient attention.

L-R: Margot Robbie, Lana Condor and Kate Hudson. Images: Instagram 

Unsurprisingly, slim-fitting curve-hugging gowns were still in hot demand, a very particular shoulder-baring style influencing many stars’ choice to wear their hair in the aforementioned loose style rather than a severe updo.  It’s fair to say this is the first opportunity in nearly a year for the A-List to indulge in red-carpet dressing, and many clearly revelled in it.

L-R: Sarah Hyland, Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins. Images: Instagram 

If you’re keen on trying it at home, know that this is not a simple look to pull off. As evidenced by the numerous Instagram posts from top hair stylists glamming the guests, it requires a smoothing, professional level blow dry, curling with a wide barrel tong and pinning to set before not moving a muscle unnecessarily on your way to the event lest you disturb the perfection of the look. Luckily many were only visiting their own backyards!

L-R: Kaley Cuoco, Regina King and Carey Mulligan. Images: Instagram

Extending the current centre vs. side-part debate about where you section your hair, the red carpet seemed to be a mixed bag. There was some evidence to suggest that that Gen Z do indeed prefer a centre-part while Gen X favours a flipped over do. Millennial stars seemed to vary between the approaches. All of which goes to prove absolutely nothing useful, but it’s entertaining to note nonetheless!