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Five moisturiser myths that might be confusing your skincare choices


Five moisturiser myths that might be confusing your skincare choices

More than any other skincare product, moisturiser has become part of our daily routines. Its use is key to help retain water within the layers of the skin so it remains in healthy condition, with its natural protective barrier working effectively. This helps prevent infection – an important function as skin is the largest organ of our body.

Finding one you like and using it regularly can be a work in process.

Sometimes common myths can impact the way we consider the right product and its use. Here our experts offer their input on some common myths around using moisturiser.

Myth: It clogs pores

If you find this, you’re using the wrong moisturiser for your skin type. Also some people think oils are congestive. This is wrong. Too much oil can be, but the skin lipids and cell membranes are dependent on essential fatty acids. Add the right oil into your skincare regime if you need it – Linda Sharrem, Skincare Educator at Caci

It is not uncommon for skin therapist to hear that a client with oily skin or acneic skin doesn’t use a moisturiser. They believe this will only make skin shinier or more oily. This is incorrect – a correct assessment of the skin will enable the correct formulation for these skin concerns. We would look to use ingredients that support the skin micro biome, hydration and healing. If this step is left out it can contribute to the skin becoming oilier or slow healing. – Vanessa Feehan- Meldrum, Sothy’s National Technical Trainer

Myth: Drinking water is enough

Some people say ‘I don’t need a moisturiser because I drink lots of water’. Your skin is the last organ to receive the goodness taken internally and you can still be dehydrated. Go straight to the source and apply it topically to maintain hydrated skin! – Linda Sharrem, Skincare Educator at Caci

Myth: Stick to what you know

Skin Changes. We become very comfortable using the same product for a long time. But the skin you had in your 20s is not the same as your skin in your 40s and 50s. Have your skin assessed, get a skin consultation and have a moisturiser that is working for your concerns. As we age our skin cell turnover slows but also our skin doesn’t produce the ceramides and hydration that was available in our younger years. This is the time to reassess what your skin needs and this may be a time to use a thicker formulation for dry or very dry skin. Also some skin can become seasonally aggressed and develop flaky and drier skin – this will need a richer nourishment and more protection of the skin natural moisturising factor. – Vanessa Feehan- Meldrum, Sothy’s National Technical Trainer

Myth: Moisturiser makes shinier

You need to exfoliate your skin as it sounds like your moisturiser is sitting on top of flaky dull skin cells and not absorbing into the epidermal layer or you have the wrong moisturiser for your skin type – Linda Sharrem, Skincare Educator at Caci

Myth: Natural is better

It’s a huge misconception that simply because an ingredient is plant-derived, it is less harmful (or better) than something that has been derived in a laboratory. After all, millions of life-saving medications are discovered in the laboratory, and based on sound scientific research that have proven them to be safe. I have seen countless patients develop irritation, allergies, pigmentation or redness from so-called ’natural’ products. CeraVe AU Partner Dermatologist Dr. Ryan De Cruz, founder of Southern Dermatology

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