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Five minutes with: Kate Winslet

Five minutes with: Kate Winslet
Lancôme brand ambassadress Kate Winslet shares her beauty secrets.

What makes a Lancôme woman feel beautiful?

I think it’s a combination of feeling confident, feeling feminine, feeling celebrated, strong, happy, and… I think free, as well. That sense of liberation and strength. I think all of those things are qualities that I think all Lancôme women possess.

What makes a woman luminous?

I think health and happiness are very important, and those things make a woman luminous. Because those things come from the inside and that shows on your face, shows on your skin, shows in your hair, shows in your eyes. And, again, I think confidence and knowledge, those are things that make a woman luminous. And a woman who dares herself to be free, unique, chic, simple and elegant.

What is your beauty secret?

My beauty secret, honestly, is drinking a lot of water, always taking makeup off, and Visionnaire. But it’s a secret weapon. It is a secret weapon, because it fixes everything!

What is youth for you?

Youth is laughter.

Tell us more about this radiant presence. Where does it come from?

A radiant presence, I think, is a woman who walks into a room and knows that they are bringing something with them. They’re not taking away from an atmosphere. They’re not taking away from anything. They are adding to it. And bringing with it a confidence and also a knowledge that the way that person has chosen to live their life- I mean, for me, I choose to live my life and be a certain type of person that I want to be. And that will never change. It doesn’t matter how successful I may have become in my life. It doesn’t matter how tired I am. Not to complain, not to celebrate too much. Just to be humble, to be sincere and to feel secure and happy within myself. And that, that is a radiant presence.


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