Five minutes with: John Arts

By Milly Nolan

Abundant Health founder John Arts talks about Cell-X, the latest product developed by his company, interview on MiNDFOOD.

John Arts founded Abundant Health in 1998 after personally suffering chronic fatigue syndrome for 15 years. He has come to understand that the health of our bodies is completely determined by the health of our trillions of cells and adding appropriate nutrients can help normalise cell function and allow our natural healing processes to operate at their full potential. The latest product created by Arts is Cell-X, an antioxidant, multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Why did you decide to develop Cell-X?

Prior to 2003 Abundant Health had a separate multivitamin, a separate mineral supplement and a separate antioxidant. This meant that our customers needed three products for broad spectrum supplementation. Cell-X combines these three products. There are over 90 ingredients in Cell-X.

What exactly is Cell-X?

Cell-X contains all the important antioxidant groups, every vitamin including a full B vitamin complex and natural vitamin E. It has a three component mineral formula with the major mineral, the major trace minerals and the 60+ rare trace elements. It has been formulated to ensure optimum cell health by supplying a broad range of essential nutrients often missing or inadequate in our diets.

What makes Cell-X different to other supplements?

There are many ‘multi’ style products but these typically have a multivitamin, with low mineral levels and low antioxidant levels. In many cases you would need three plus products to compare with Cell-X.

In today’s world, are our diets really lacking the nutrients and minerals that we need? Why do we need to take a supplement?

There are numerous studies which show a steady decline in vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels in foods. A recent paper (published online on HortScience in 2009) showed up to a 40 per cent drop in important nutrients in fruit and vegetables.

The reasons for this decline are varied but in general:

1 A fall in absolute soil fertility and a reliance on added nutrients from chemical fertilisers.

2 Plants are bred to grow faster meaning they have less time to draw minerals into the plant.

3 Plants are bred for bigger crops and most of this increase in size is in dry carbohydrates and water with less nutrients per gram than older, smaller slower growing varieties.

What results can we expect to see after taking Cell-X? And after how long?

Most people will notice an improvement in their health within three months of continuous use. For most adults we recommend an initial three months at the maximum dose of two capsules twice daily before dropping to a maintenance dose of two capsules daily. We are happy to give specific advice on supplementing for specific needs.

Do we need to take anything else if we take Cell-X?

This is of course the main point about Cell-X. It has all the important micro-nutrients our cells need for optimum function. Most people do not need to take any additional vitamins, minerals or antioxidants. The only additional supplement we recommend for most people is omega 3 fish oil.


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