Five minutes with Jane Fonda

We catch up with MiNDFOOD cover star, beauty icon and face of L’OrĂ©al Paris’ new Age Perfect Golden Age collection, Jane Fonda.


What does Golden Age mean to you?

For a long time, ageing was considered as a pathology, something unavoidable, an ending. I see it more as an opportunity. One-third of ageing is genetic, you can’t really fight it. The other two-thirds are totally under our control. It’s up to us to age well and to keep our inner vibrancy – because it nurtures us, and others!

How do you maintain your energy levels and good mood every day?

For me, ageing beautifully is a state of mind: having more self-confidence, forgiving yourself and others more easily and above all, staying interested in things and taking care of yourself. If I don’t look my age, it’s because I’ve stayed curious and I lead a healthy lifestyle.

How would you describe your skin and its vulnerabilities? 

The last years, one of my main concern has been that my skin is thinner, duller and more fragile – it pales and creases easily, a bit like a withered flower. It’s becoming harder to look well and reflect my inner good mood, even with make-up on – and the make-up isn’t always quite suited to my needs, it has to be said.

Beauty Spot: Murad, Los Angeles

Long-haul flights don’t tend to do skin any favours; fortunately, those in search of radiant, healthy skin flock to Hollywood on a regular basis. And while there are a plethora of weird and wonderful jet-lag remedies on hand throughout the city – if you can imagine it, LA has it – Murad’s flagship boutique is hard to beat. We recommend booking in for a facial and letting your therapist decide what treatment will best for your skin type – they’re the experts after all.

Ninety minutes later and the end result was resilient, glowing skin that wasn’t going to let the homeward flight wreak havoc on it. The brave – and those who want to amp up their preventative skincare – can put Murad’s YouthCam to the test in-store. The state-of-the-art skin analysis system that figures out what’s really going on underneath your skin and looks at hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, acne and pore visibility. You’ll get a glimpse of what your skin could look like if you neglect your regimen and you’ll receive a skincare routine recommendation customised for your concerns.

Murad, 8207 West 3rd Street, Between Harper Ave. & La Jolla Ave.