Five Minutes With: Goldie Hawn

By Michele Manelis

Five Minutes With: Goldie Hawn
Our Hollywood corespondent, Michele Manelis, catches up with Goldie Hawn on the Hawaiian set of her upcoming action comedy (still untitled) in which she stars with Amy Schumer as a mother-daughter duo on an adventure through Ecuador.

Hawn, 70, an Academy-award winning actress, comedienne, producer, mother of three (including Kate Hudson), philanthropist, and longtime partner of actor Kurt Russell, makes her comeback to the big screen after a 14 year hiatus. On a typically beautiful afternoon on Oahu, she talks about life away from Hollywood and her passion, MindUP, a program she created and developed to educate children through ‘life enhancing strategies for well-being.’

How’s life in Hawaii?

I’m having a ball! It’s the gift of a lifetime. It’s a great location. I may never go home (laughs)

We haven’t seen you for a while – why did you take so much time off?

I took 14 years off because I felt that life should be full of many different things and I’d been working and making movies for a very long time. And as a woman gets older her choices are less and I wanted to do things that interested me, not just work to work, right? So I turned my gaze to what the next part of my life was going to look like. I found that it really had to do with what I cared about philanthropically and what I felt was going wrong with the world. And if I could give or do something for children, that was what I wanted to do and I’ve been doing that ever since.

From MiNDFOOD to MindUP, what can you tell me about this amazing cause?

My program, which I created, was written by PASA psychologists, scientists, teachers and meditation practitioners and reaches over 1 million children who are currently practicing it. It’s been an extremely exciting time in my life. I’ve been meeting and speaking and having conferences with people who were Nobel Laureates and incredible scientists and people who were learning new things about how the brain works. Through this program, these people are sharing a new way of living and being for children in the classroom. I have been traveling around to classrooms around the world and now MindUP is activated across six countries. MindUP is in Australia, the UK, China, South America, and Serbia now.

Did you miss your time in front of the camera?

No, I have to say, I didn’t miss it. I was inspired by people who were doing great things for the world. For me it’s the most beautiful thing, so no I didn’t go back and say, ‘I wish I could pretend again.’ I wanted to move forward with something real and tangible.

It was announced that you’ll be getting your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year. What does it mean to you?

It’s a lovely thing to have in your lifetime. It’s like an Academy Award. And it’s a wonderful thing, it’s a symbol and it’ll be there hopefully even after the earthquake (laughs). But I’ll tell you what’s more important, is that Kurt was asked to have his done and he said, ‘I don’t want to do it unless Goldie has one with me.’ And they came to me and said, ‘We would like you to have a star,’ and I said, ‘ I don’t want to do that unless Kurt is with me.’ So when we do it we’re going to do it together. And we’re not getting married, it’s a different kind of ceremony (laughs) but that’s going to be nice!


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