Five Minutes With: Flox


Five Minutes With: Flox
Flox​ Design, aka Hayley​ King is using her artistic talents to raise money for charity. Her vibrant designs featuring the Stitchbird and Kakariki, both native Kiwi birds, will liven up household modems and be auctioned off for Forest and Bird a non-for-profit that specialises in conservation. We speak to Hayley about this exciting project.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Living in Aotearoa it’s very hard not to be inspired by our natural surroundings. I grew up in a small town at the top of New Zealand and I think in hindsight, that this has had a massive impact on how I view things, and what gets my artistic juices flowing. As an established artist, I now find that travel is a massive part of pushing my boundaries, and exploring new subject matter. Spending time in new places, and travelling with a sense of purpose is what really inspires me now, as I allow for these experiences to feed back into the work I’m producing.

What’s your goal with the artwork you create?

One of the goals I always set for myself is that the next piece I paint will be my best. I love to push myself into unknown territory, working with different mediums, and in new environments.


What do you love most about being an artist?

I LOVE what I do. I love that every day is so different and I’m humbled to be doing what I am passionate about and calling all the shots. I think it’s that sense of independence that is my biggest driver, there’s nothing better than feeling completely in control of your destiny!

What enticed you to collaborate with Orcon?

I was attracted to being a part of the Orcon Designer Series as I genuinely saw it as something that was going to create a positive change to a wide variety of New Zealanders. I for one, normally have my modem stuffed into a closet out of sight! Being tucked away like this does nothing but minimise the functionality of the device, so what a great idea to have really beautiful modem options that not only look great in your space, but will actually function at 100%. Art Meets Tech!

Tell us about the work you have created for the Orcon campaign.

The brief I set for myself was to go bright and fruity with colour, but perhaps more importantly, to really juxtapose the “tech” element with the great outdoors. From a day to day point of view, most of us are stuck inside at the computer, and so I thought this was a brilliant opportunity to bring some life back into the indoor working environment. What was it like to work with other notable Kiwi creatives on this campaign? It’s always a good vibe working alongside other Kiwi Creatives. The more I travel, the more I realise just how world standard we are down here, but what I love is how humble we are about it! Go Kiwis!




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