Five minutes with: Dr John Demartini


Dr John Demartini, founder of The Demartini Institute, on everlasting happiness and affirmations, interview on MiNDFOOD.

At what point in your life did you realise that ‘everlasting happiness’ doesn’t exist?

When I was about 28-30 years old (after attempting to be positive all the time for 10 years and feeling like I was a hypocrite half the time). I did a self-reflective research project on myself and documented how I felt in all seven areas of my life (spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical) four times a day for two years.

I proved to myself that striving for one-sidedness was unobtainable and unfruitful and led to volatility and bipolar-like symptoms. But embracing the truth of balance and having balanced and realistic expectations on myself was rewarding.

I learned that I did not have to get rid of half of myself (the so-called negative side) in order to love myself. Like a magnet, our lives are designed to have two sides – synchronously. Both sides serve a purpose. Our negative side serves us by letting us know when we have set unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others.

How do you suggest people deal the lows in their lives?

Set realistic goals and expectations on themselves and others according to their true higher values or priorities.

Chunk their goals down into smaller more manageable bites. Set seven priorities each day and act on them accordingly.

Anytime we set unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others we can let ourselves down.

Find the blessings of what the current situation offers. There is never a crisis without a blessing or negative without a positive.

All events are neutral until we make a heaven or a hell out of it. See the balance that all events offer and you are set free from illusive emotional reactions.

What are some of the affirmations that you personally practice? How do they help you?

‘I am a master of persistence – I do what it takes.’

‘Whether I feel supported or challenged, praised or reprimanded I am thankful for I know that both are keeping me in balance and honing me in on my most authentic and inspired self.’

‘I am centered and poised for I know that love is the synthesis and synchronicity of complementary opposites and all that is.’

‘No matter what I have done or not done I am worthy of love.’

‘No matter what others have done or not done they are worthy of love.’

‘I awaken my genius and wisdom when I live congruently with my highest values.’

‘I love what I do and do what I love.’

‘I do whatever it takes, travel whatever distance and pay whatever price to fulfill my services of love.’

When I state words of power or affirmations that are congruent with my highest values and priorities they act like a check up from the neck up and help me stay focused on my dreams. They act as clarified articulations on my most meaningful objectives.

What are the downsides of travelling and speaking at engagements 300 days of the year? How do you overcome that?

I love travelling full time – I love researching, writing, traveling and teaching. They are my highest priorities. I do run into occasional challenges such as delayed or cancelled flights, tight schedules and sometimes reduced sleeping, but these are little compared to the fulfillment of sharing what is in my heart and inspiring people all throughout the world. I am a citizen of the world.

The universe is my playground, the world is my home, every country is another room in my house and every city is another platform to share my heart and soul. I am never away from anyone I love since my house encompasses the world. They are just with me at home in another room of the house. Love has no space time boundaries.


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