Five Minutes With: Claudia Abrahams


Five Minutes With: Claudia Abrahams
Claudia Abrahams, the brains behind Sydney Smash Cakes, tells us about her journey from making cakes for her children's birthday party, to becoming a social media sensation.

How was Sydney Smash Cakes born?

I have been making SmashCakes for my kid’s parties for years, but every year I had to come up with something different to the previous years. Having a creative background, I was excited to have the opportunity to use my creativity in making SmashCakes. When friends and family loved what I was doing, they started asking me to make SmashCakes for their functions, and then SydneySmashCakes evolved from there

What has been your most elaborate cake yet? 

All my extra-large SmashCakes are elaborate and over the top. They are around 6kg of whatever toppings I use and are always quite a show stopper

Why do adults love Sydney Smash Cakes so much?

SmashCakes are unique and even though they have been around forever, they are not something that people are aware of. Through growing my brand SydneySmashCakes, I have bought awareness to SmashCakes and I think people are enjoying the novelty of something new and exciting – and the fact that it’s so interactive makes it stand out from your standard cakes.

What is your favourite chocolate to cook with and why?

I don’t really have a favourite chocolate to work – I love all chocolate, but I only use one brand that works well with whatever I do

Why do you think Smash Cakes leave more of an impression than regular cakes?

I think because SmashCakes are unique, interactive, fun, get everyone involved and create a fun vibe, they definitely leave an impression and get the crowd talking.

What would your ultimate Smash Cake look like?

It would be covered in chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. And filled with chocolate too

Where do you see the company in five years time?

We will have expanded, possibly have franchises and have a few funky small shop fronts (like Doughnut Time size) where we can custom make mini SmashCakes while people wait and watch the creative process in motion. And we will have a selection of our best sellers ready made.



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