Company launches feminist beer to battle sexist beer ads

By Annie Stevens

Feminista beer.
Feminista beer.
Tired of sexist beer advertising, one company has created a feminist brew

Beer commercials are generally not known for being particularly women friendly. They’re either blatantly sexist and all about goggling at a hot woman, the woman is fetching the menfolk beers or she’s not in the ads at all because they’re all about being a blokey bloke or a bearded hipster type on a quest to find the perfect craft brew.

It’s weird, but women do drink beer and even enjoy it.

Who would have thought?

One beer company in Brazil is attempting to fix the score when it comes to beer ads and women, with an activism group 65/10 – named so because of a study that found that 65 per cent of Brazilian women didn’t feel like they were represented in commercials, and women only make up 10 per cent of those employed in the advertising industry – creating a feminist beer.

Yes really.

“The typical Brazilian beer ad — and we’re talking about big brands with big money here — shows a semi naked standard-beauty woman being harassed by men,” 65/10 co-founder Thais Fabris told Fast Company“She is either the waitress in the bar, a girl on the beach, or a prize the men get for drinking that beer. For us, it has many dangerous aspects, since it objectifies women and enables sexual harassment on a daily basis, on mass media. Even craft beers, which are also becoming more popular here, follow that path, with names like ‘Fatlicious’ or ‘Forbidden Lady.’”

The Feminista beer – now there’s a talking point at the pub – is a red ale, challenging to popular misconception that women only like light beers.

And the creators of the beer hope that it not only changes conversations, but also the way women are spoken to by advertisers.

“The effects of the messages we create go way beyond driving sales, they drive behaviour,” Fabris told The Week.

We will cheers to that.


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