Fears kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are being used as human bombs


Fears kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are being used as human bombs
Grave fears have emerged that the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are being used in a spate of suicide bombings across country.

A series of suicide bombings conducted by females in Nigeria has led to rumours that the schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram in April are now being used as human bombs.

Since the beginning of June, there have been five attacks involving female suicide bombers in their teens, while another two girls, aged 10 and 18, were arrested in a neighbouring area with explosive belts attached to them.

The most recent attack was only days ago, with a female suicide bomber blowing herself up at a college in Nigeria’s biggest city, Kano, killing six people.

While this theory is yet to be confirmed, many fear Boko Haram are indoctrinating the schoolgirls and then sending them out on deadly missions.

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria is urging the government to investigate the identity of the suicide bombers.

“In the event that these female suicide bombers are identified to have been the same kidnapped girls then the government should immediately deploy all resources and strategies to bring to an end, once and for all, this shameful scenario since the military have repeatedly stated that they are aware of the whereabouts of the kidnapped Chibok girls.”

Currently Boko Haram is demanding a swap for detained fighters in exchange for the girls.

There have been several reports of sightings of the girls and their captors in Cameroon and Chad, nearby to where they are believed to be held in the Sambisa Forest.


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