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The Fancy Title That Princess Charlotte Is Set to Inherit

Jane Barlow/Pool via REUTERS

The Fancy Title That Princess Charlotte Is Set to Inherit

We take a look into the titles the royal family will likely inherit in the future.

The Fancy Title That Princess Charlotte Is Set to Inherit

One day (hopefully a while away because we wish the Queen a long and happy life) Prince Charles will become the King of England.

Once he passes on, which, once again, we hope is a while away, Prince William will become the King of England. When that happens, royal titles will be switching here, there and everywhere, including that of young Princess Charlotte’s.

Let’s take a step back for a second. The first round of title changes will happen as soon as Charles becomes King. Presumably, Prince William will be gifted his dad’s former title, the Prince of Wales, an honour which has been given to the heir apparent since the 14th century. Kate Middleton will then probably take Diana’s title, becoming the Princess of Wales.

REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Princess Charlotte’s title likely won’t change until her father takes the throne. However, royal experts speculate that when he does, she may inherit the title “Princess Royal” from Princess Anne.

“Princess Royal” is a title that’s usually bestowed on the monarch’s eldest daughter. Before we all get carried away, there are just a few technicalities to bear in mind. Firstly, Charlotte doesn’t automatically inherit the title – Princess Anne wasn’t given her fancy name until she was 36, so there was potentially a little bit of work she had to do to earn the title. Secondly, only one person can hold this title, so Charlotte won’t be able to use it until her great aunt passes away – which hopefully won’t be for a long time. Long live Princess Royal!

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