Fancy new food trends straight out of the Big Apple

By Maria Kyriacou

Fancy new food trends straight out of the Big Apple
Whet your appetite with the latest and greatest food ideas that caught our attention from New York City's Fancy Food Show

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. The latest food trends to feature in the city’s annual Fancy Food Fair demonstrate that food and drink innovation  is alive and well, and jostling for the spotlight.

Time is up for dull-looking, tired old dried fruit as it gets prettified with the artisanal treatment. Taking inspiration from vibrant pressed flowers, Grace & I has pressed nuts and fruit into the most beautiful designs. Would look fab on any cheese platter.


Speaking of cheese, feast your eyes on these beautiful parcels of goats cheese all wrapped up in chestnut, fig or cabbage leaves. Aside from looking divine, the cheese wrappers lend additional fruit or vegetable flavours to the cheese.

We’re used to seeing roses or nasturtiums sprinkled over cakes and desserts, but an exciting concept from The Hibiscus Flower Co. sees flowers take the lead role in the desserts. Hibiscus flowers sweetened with syrup are paired here with goats cheese creating a luscious taste sensation. The company also creates ‘flower drinks’ for adults or children.

Now that it’s in front of us it seems so obvious! Brewla has taken iced-tea to the height of delicious accessibility and has been kind with the calories too. The specialty brewed bars of tea come in tempting flavours like Cherry Pomegranate, Peach Ginger or Tropical Fruits and  sound utterly refreshing.

Craft beer has had its moment in the sun, with a bevy of flavours, how-to courses and even festivals making the most of the very hipster trend. Now it’s time for moonshine to get out of home garages and take the spotlight, being legally distilled and satisfying thirsts.

Charcuterie’s moment in the sun continues with handmade cured meats, chorizos and salami featuring large at the NYC Fancy Food Show. To be fair, this is one trend that our side of the world has seen with impressive charcuterie boards available at Sydney’s Opera Bar, New Zealand’s L’Authentique and Darlinghurst restaurant, Baccomatto Osteria, which offers diners the chance to curate their own moreish platters.



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