Fab Beauty Fixes To Master


Pimples always appear at the worst possible time. They’re the result of cells, oil and bacteria clumping together. The cause can be internal, like an overstimulation of oil glands during hormonal changes, or external, such as using a make-up brush or mobile phone that has accumulated nasty bacteria. Even touching your face with bacteria-laden fingers can cause a pimple. If you need to treat and conceal an unwelcome breakout, wash your face with cleanser then apply a drop of tea tree oil – which has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties – on a cotton bud and dab it on the spot. To cover, apply foundation first and then a concealer. If you feel a pimple trying to reach the surface, cleanse and then apply a purifying treatment, like Kiehl’s Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot Treatment ($55) overnight to the area to get rid of the offending spot quickly.


Self-tanners take practice to get the application right. If you’ve ended up with a coat that is too dark, use a body polish or exfoliator to help remove excess colour. Swimming in salty or chlorinated water, or having a hot bath with lemon juice, will also help fade the tan. To avoid a patchy result in the first place, always exfoliate thoroughly before applying product. Be particularly careful if your skin has dry patches, because this is where the self-tanner will grab, resulting in dark areas. If colour has built up in these areas, rub it with lemon juice.


Brow shaping is often best left to the pros. If your quick maintenance pluck went too far there are some useful tools to hide the evidence. Fix any patches using short strokes of a brow pencil, like Estée Lauder Brow Multi-Tasker ($68), following the direction of the hair. Then go over the area with a brow powder to make sure the area is filled in. Finish by holding the brows in place using a brow gel.


You’ve had a late night, an allergy attack or just a good cry. The best fix is to use an eye gel, like Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Eye Serum ($195), that you keep in the fridge. Or, make a cold compress with a face cloth and gently press on for a few minutes. If you constantly wake up with puffy, swollen eyes, grab an extra pillow and sleep on your back to allow fluids to drain. Lining your inner-eye with a flesh-coloured eyeliner can also hide tired, red eyes and make them look fresher. Apply on the waterline, the thin stretch that separates the lashes from the actual eye. You can apply to both the top and bottom, or just along the lower waterline.


Remedying the signs of ageing tends to take time, but La Prairie’s latest innovation Skin Caviar Absolute Filler ($825) is a fast-acting youth-restorer. The skin-plumping formulation features La Prairie’s iconic youth-restoring caviar extract, nutrient-rich caviar oil and brown algae, which smooth skin and enhances collagen.


The Jewellery Lust-Haves: Hidden Gems

Your digits are there to dazzle, so embellish them with the sparkliest little – or big – numbers you can get your hands on. Stack and layer for added wow factor, and embrace rich tones of red, blue and green to sing in the season.

Right hand, from top: Sapphire and diamond bracelet, $48,600, “Dream Catcher” rubellite collection ring, $29,000, and white gold oval peridot and diamond ring, $17,995, all from Partridge Jewellers. Left hand, from top: White gold oval tanzanite and diamond ring, $19,700, Nouvelle Bague white gold and sapphire ring, $5360, white gold diamond, blue sapphire, blue topaz and green tourmaline ring, $6695, “Dream Catcher” rubellite and diamond bracelet, $36,000, all from Partridge Jewellers.