Eyes on the Prize: The most effective product you are missing from your skincare routine

Eyes on the Prize: The most effective product you are missing from your skincare routine
La Mer’s recently reformulated The Eye Concentrate is the key to achieving a bright, radiant and youthful-looking eye area.

It’s one of the most effective beauty products in terms of protecting a healthy, youthful-looking appearance but many people are still missing an eye cream or treatment from their routine. It’s not that plenty of us aren’t willing to put in multiple steps to ensure the radiance and vitality of our skin, but eye cream is often overlooked in favour of other, ostensibly more beneficial steps.

The prevailing thought is that ‘skin is skin’, and other products will suffice. The truth, however, is that the skin around our eyes is thinner and shows signs of ageing more quickly than other areas of the face – this thinness making it far more delicate, vulnerable and prone to allergic reactions than other facial skin.

What’s more, our eyes use a number of muscles to make more than 10,000 movements a day. Every time you smile, squint or widen them in recognition or surprise, you’re giving your eyes – and those muscles – a workout, in turn moving and creasing the skin in that area.

Over time, factors such as dryness and loss of collagen and elasticity, combined with those movements, will lead to the formation of small wrinkles near your eyes, including crow’s feet.

Other day-to-day factors such as our sleep habits, diet and environment – including exposure to the sun, allergens and pollution –can all have a visible impact on the eye area, in particular playing a part in the appearance of under-eye darkness and puffiness.

All of which is to extol the benefits of using a dedicated product designed to keep the eye area in its best shape. Incorporate one into your routine sooner rather than later, as it’s easier to prevent the signs of ageing than to correct them!

Soothing and smoothing care

With its superior ability to boost the resilience of skin in the eye area, La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate has inspired a loyal following since its launch over 10 years ago. Now it’s even better.

Introducing The NEW Eye Concentrate – amore concentrated, faster-acting formula that transforms the look of the eye area and also future-proofs it against further signs of ageing. Reducing the appearance of existing dark circles, lines and wrinkles, this advanced treatment also helps prevent further visible damage.

At the heart of the new formula is triple the concentrated Miracle Broth – La Mer’s legendary cell-renewing elixir extracted from giant sea kelp that rapidly soothes, deeply hydrates, and visibly energises the fragile eye area. In addition, antioxidant powerhouse Lime Tea Concentrate defends against environmental damage and pollution, while the Clarity Ferment – featuring soothing recovery kelp sourced from the waters of South Korea’s Jeju Island – works to restore balance for brighter-looking eyes.

The fast-absorbing treatment can be applied twice daily by dabbing four small dots under the eye area using the included cooling applicator. Massage in gentle circles to stimulate micro-circulation and reduce signs of fatigue so the area feels energised and looks restored and renewed.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate, $362, is available in-store and online at Smith & Caughey’s, in-store at David Jones, and in selected stores and online at Mecca.

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