Experts reveal: Facts vs fictions of anti-ageing treatments and injectables


Experts reveal: Facts vs fictions of anti-ageing treatments and injectables
When it comes to anti-ageing treatments and injectables, there is no doubt that you would have at least heard of Botox®, fillers and Dermapen. Despite their popularity, and growing demand, there is still a lot of contradictory information and preconceived views about these appearance medicine treatments

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When it comes to anti-aging treatments and injectables, there is no doubt that you would have at least heard of Botox®, fillers and Dermapen. Despite their popularity, and growing demand there is still a lot of contradictory information and preconceived views about these appearance medicine treatments. To clear up the confusion, Skin Institute, one of NZ’s premium providers for Appearance Medicine treatments, gives their expert advice on what’s fact and what’s fiction in anti-ageing treatments.


We all love a good bargain, who doesn’t, right? But this is not the time to bargain shop. There’s no denying that most anti-ageing treatments or injectables are expensive, but that’s because the cost of goods is high. If you see a good deal that costs far less than the standard treatment, it’s likely some compromises are being made, either the skill of your provider or the quality of the product. The price that you pay also reflects your practitioner’s years of experience, which results in your own safety. So, rather than jumping onto the first deal you see on the internet, discuss your budget and payment package with your provider during the consultation process.


There is no such thing as zero risk when it comes to injectable treatments. Anti-wrinkle injections can result in temporary unwanted weakness of adjacent muscles and cause outcomes such as eyelid or eyebrow droop or an uneven smile. Filler injections can be placed in the wrong layer of the skin causing a bluish discoloration known as the Tyndall effect. Inexperience of the injector leading to the wrong filler choice, amount or placement can make you look odd rather than rejuvenated! There is also a small chance of the filler blocking a blood vessel, causing an area of skin loss and scarring; or in an extremely rare event, a more serious risk of blindness can also occur. A highly experienced practitioner should inform you of these risks during your consultation, before you undergo the procedure.

“At Skin Institute, we take all risks seriously and have systems in place to minimise the likelihood of occurrence. We also take this time to discuss not only the intended outcome, but to answer any concerns you may have,” says Dr Shona Dalzell, Appearance Medicine Doctor, Dermatology Associate and Phlebologist at Skin Institute.


Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) can be uncomfortable and can take a psychological toll. One of the most effective treatments is with Botox®, as it can help control the symptoms of severe underarm sweating (or other targeted areas) by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands don’t have the chemical signals, the severe sweating improves. “One session of Botox® is normally all that’s required, and the effects can last up to 7 months,” says Dr Dalzell.

It can also help with chronic migraines (headaches for more than 15 days per month). Botox® appears to block chemicals neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from your brain to the nerve endings around your head and neck to reduce the effects of migraines.


One of the most common misconceptions of anti-ageing treatments is that they all provide the same results. Each treatment has its purpose and targets different areas of concern. For example, if your main concern is loss of hydration, and to restore firmness of the skin, then Profhilo® is the treatment for you. Profhilo® is a new treatment called a biomodulator. It not only hydrates the skin but stimulates your own cells to produce more collagen. The result is an improvement in fine lines and help with sagging and crepey skin on face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Dermapen® 4 with Advanced Skin Peel on the other hand, uses ÜBER PRO or ÜBER MD peels to enhance the overall result of microneedling, which can help improve not only the signs of fine lines and wrinkles but acne, hyperpigmented conditions and scars. Each peel contains different treatment actives and targets different area of concerns.

ÜBER PRO contains a specific blend of treatment actives to increase cellular turnover while addressing the signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, melasma, milia and acne. It is suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, anti- ageing and problematic skin and safe to use on any skin colour.

ÜBER MD reduces the appearance of severe, deep ageing lines, assists in scar treatment, resurfaces uneven skin texture, reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone.


The saying ‘It’s not what you’ve done, it’s how it’s done’ applies to all anti-wrinkle treatments, with too many examples of people who accidentally or purposely look like they’ve had too much work done. “To maintain a natural appearance, it’s about rejuvenating your looks, not making you look different. So, the key is to find a provider and practitioner who is experienced and understands anatomy and the natural proportions of the face,” says Dr Dalzell.

If you have any enquiry on anti-wrinkle treatments or would like to book an appointment with Skin Institute, call 0800 SKIN DR (0800 754 637) or visit

Botox® is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow ’s feet round the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox® is right for you. If you have side effects see your doctor. You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions and side effects consult your health care professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary. It should only be administered by trained medical professionals. (contains botulinum toxin A 50, 100 & 200 units) Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland. Profhilo®, containing low & high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is a Class 111 medical device for the treatment of the face and body for contours, redefinition and laxity remodelling where skin laxity is a problem. Profhilo® has risks and benefits. Do not use with treatments such as laser resurfacing or medium deep skin-peeling. Do not inject into inflamed areas or intravenously or intramuscularly. Possible side effects: pain and swelling at injection site. Individual results may vary. This medical device must be administered by a healthcare professional. Skin Institute Level 1, 29 Northcroft Street, Takapuna, Auckland, 0622.



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