Everything you Need to Know About Vitamin C Skincare

Know you need to include vitamin C skincare in your beauty routine but you’re not sure why? We find out what all the fuss is about this radiance-enhancing vitamin. 

Vitamin C has garnered a lot of attention in the beauty world over the last few years – and for good reason. “Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis and also acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radical damage on the skin,” explains Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Environ.

And for those who after skin that really glows, vitamin C should be an essential in your routine. “It can also brighten your complexion and help even out skin tone and discolouration,” says Dr Ellen Selkon of Clinic 42. Ensuring you invest in the right type of vitamin C-based skincare is important. “Not all vitamin C is created equal,” adds Selkon. “It’s not as simple as selecting any old product with vitamin C on the label and smothering your face in it,” she adds. Both Selkon and Fernandes agree that to get the most out of vitamin C, you need to be using skin care formulated with L-ascorbic acid. “This is the form of vitamin C that the cells recognise,” says Selkon.

The problem with L-ascorbic acid, however, is that it is highly unstable. Purchase vitamin C-based skincare that’s been sitting on the shelf tool long or hasn’t been packaged sufficiently to keep the product stable and you won’t get the skin benefits you’re after. To see results it needs to be in stable formulation when applied to the skin explains Fernandes.“It’s readily oxidised in the company of water and heat, you need to take into consideration the stability – the ingredient must not be prone to oxidation or breakdown all products should be supplied in packaging with an airless pump which will protect the vitamin C from UV light as well as water,” advises Selkon. Once you have found the right vitamin C skincare for your complexion, and there are a plethora of effective formulations out there, Fernandes says results are generally visible in three to four weeks. “It most definitely has important skin benefits,” he says. “Vitamin C has proved to be very effective in reducing the appearance of sun damage such as hyper-pigmentation and raging.”

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Shot on location in Fiji. Photograhy: Hannah Richards. Styling: Ana Macdonald. Hair & Makeup: Tanya Barlow