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The final novel in the Seven Sisters series, Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, opens in Paris in 1928, and reveals how the sisters came to be adopted by their beloved, mysterious father.
The final novel in the Seven Sisters series, Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, opens in Paris in 1928, and reveals how the sisters came to be adopted by their beloved, mysterious father.
Lucinda Riley's son, who has been tasked with finishing the final Seven Sisters book after his mother's passing, has given fans a hint of what's to come in the highly-anticipated eighth book.

Fans of the Seven Sisters series will be able to read the late author’s words once again, with an eighth book to be published in May 2023.

Sadly, Lucinda Riley passed away before finishing the final eighth book. However her family have announced the book will be completed by her eldest son, Harry Whittaker.

The full announcement shared on Facebook read:


Shortly before the publication of ‘The Missing Sister’, Lucinda announced an eighth and final book in ‘The Seven Sisters’ series, promising to answer the question at the heart of the story: Who is Pa Salt?
Before her death, Lucinda was able to write several important passages alongside detailed notes on the story. She expressed a clear wish that her eldest son, Harry, should complete the series if the worst were to happen.
We can today confirm that ‘Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt’ will be published around the world in Spring 2023, co-written by Harry Whittaker.
Lucinda and Harry worked closely together on The Guardian Angels series for children.
Harry writes:
‘Mum has passed on the secrets of the series, and I will keep my promise to her in sharing them with her loyal readers. Rest assured that in Spring 2023, the whole world will know just who Pa Salt is and why he adopted the sisters.’
We thank those of you who have allowed us the space to grieve, and those who have donated so generously to Mary’s Meals.
Lucinda’s family

When will the last ‘Seven Sisters’ book be released and what will it be about?

Now, Riley’s son, Harry, has revealed that Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt will be released on 11 May 2023, now available for pre-order.

In May 2022, marking one-year before the publication, Whittaker shared a glimpse of what’s to come in the eighth, and last Seven Sisters book.

“It might seem like a long-time to wait, but I can assure you it’s not a long time for me. It’s a very big book,” he said, adding: “If I could give you one bit of advice: We know that the books all tie in together, no more so than the final chapter in the Seven Sisters series, so with one year to go, maybe you’d like to reread the first seven.”


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Along with the announcement, he shared a quote from the poet Darshana Suresh:

‘Tell me, Atlas.
What is heavier:
The world or its people’s hearts?’

The first announcement about the surprise eighth book came ahead of the release of the seventh book in the series, The Missing Sister. 

According to Riley, there was no way she could do the story justice in just one book, and so will be releasing a follow-up book, Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt next year.

“I started writing Book 7 with every intention of telling both Merope’s story and Pa Salt’s story too,” said Riley, announcing the news on her Instagram page. “And then halfway through I actually realised that there was no way I could actually fit and do justice to both stories in one book.

“So…my big announcement is that there will actually be a Book 8, which will be entitled Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, and it will be coming out next year. And it’s much more, I think, almost The Missing Sister: Part 2.

“So, there you go, you’ve got one more book to read, and I apologise that you won’t get all the answers in The Missing Sister, but I hope you will get enough and really, really enjoy her story.’

Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt synopsis 

“Spanning a lifetime of love and loss, crossing borders and oceans, Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, co-authored by her son Harry Whittaker, draws Lucinda Riley’s Seven Sisters series to its stunning, unforgettable conclusion.” says the publishers, Pan Macmillan. 


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