The sounds of silence

Picture: AP Photo/Amel Emric
Picture: AP Photo/Amel Emric
First-grade students learn to communicate with their deaf classmate in the sweetest way.

An entire class of first-graders have taken the ‘buddy system’ to the next level.

When six-year-old Zejd began school his teacher and classmates had trouble communicating with him. Being a deaf child in a classroom full of children who didn’t know sign language was a frustrating and often upsetting experience for the young boy.

Soon enough, his teacher Sanela Ljumanovic, had seemingly exhausted all options until one day she decided to teach Zejd’s entire class sign language.

In just three months the entire class was able to successfully master basic sign language, improving Zejd’s self-esteem and confidence, and giving his classmates a valuable life skill.

His mother, Mirzana Coralic, told, that the difference this experience has made to her son is huge.

“[Zejd] looks forward to going to school.. now he is happy and motivated.”

The children have responded so well to their lessons, they have taken their skills home, in order to teach their parents what they have learnt.

One of Zejd’s best friends, Tarik Sijaric, said: “I like to learn Zejd’s language so I can talk to him and to other deaf people. It is fun.”

The lessons were received so well that the school is hoping to introduce sign language into the permanent curriculum.

Ap Photo/Amel Emric
Ap Photo/Amel Emric





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