Entire town learns sign language to surprise hearing-impaired local


Entire town learns sign language to surprise hearing-impaired local
A hearing-impaired man is surprise by an entire township who learnt to sign for him.

This may be the best “feel-good” story we’ve had the pleasure of writing about this week, if not this month, year…ok maybe ever.

According to an online reports a hearing-impaired man’s sister teamed up with a production crew and set up cameras in and around his neighbourhood.

In a video of the stunt, which was sponsored by Samsung, a class is held to teach locals how to sign. The brothers route through the town is then planned using a map and what appears to be a chess piece to symbolise the man.

On the day of the surprise for her brother, he is pictured walking around the town having people greet him using sign language, time after time.

At one point the man is so bewildered by what is happening that he turns and asks his sister What is going on?

Participants go about their ‘daily lives’ dropping things and ‘finding’ ways to interact and sign with the man.

Even a taxi driver who picks the pair up greets them using sign language once they jump in the car.

Eventually the man is dropped off in front of a bus stop and confronted by a virtual poster advert of a woman who is signing to him.

The woman is an employee of the brand which had prepared the entire stunt to promote a new video call centre for the hearing impaired that will enable the communications brand to help service the hearing impaired.

“Because a world without barriers is our dream as well,” she signs to him.

Another man then approaches the surprised hearing-impaired man to let him in on the secret cameras that have been filming him all day long.

Overcome with emotion the hearing-impaired man begins to weep and hugs the stranger, overcome with emotion. Then all the participants walk into the frame to surround him and begin to sign all at once.

One by one they introduce themselves and embrace the hearing-impaired man.

If you have a spare three minutes this video really is worth a watch, simply to remind you what affect such random acts of kindness can have for anyone but especially those around you that you may not realise live with a disability.



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