Empty Photographs

By Danielle Pope

Empty Photographs
Have you ever wondered what the world would look like after all the people have left?

These eerily beautiful photographs are the works of American photographer, Matthew Christopher.

Christopher has had an interest in abandoned sites since he was a child, but started documenting them a decade ago while researching the decline of the state hospital system. At that time, Christopher had been working in mental health in Pennsylvania for years when he heard about an old hospital near his home. He visited it to take some photographs, and thus began his adventure in documenting vacated buildings.

“I wanted to be able to share with people what I thought made the places interesting or significant or beautiful,” he told the ABC. “Some places are very ominous and very creepy. Some places are very tranquil and serene and beautiful,” he said.

His work has been compiled into the series Abandoned America, and includes a blog and two books. Christopher’s work explores what it means for a building or community space, when all the people have left. “It’s sort of a bit like a parallel universe, right? What does a school become when it’s not teaching people?”

You can find out more about Christopher’s work by visiting his website and Facebook page.

Click through our gallery above to view some of these incredible photographs. All images courtesy of the artist.



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