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Emilia Clarke Will ‘Most Certainly Miss Dany’

Emilia Clarke Will ‘Most Certainly Miss Dany’

Clarke admits to having mixed feelings about saying goodbye to her beloved character Daenerys Targaryen a.k.a. Mother of Dragons

Emilia Clarke Will ‘Most Certainly Miss Dany’

Before Emilia Clark can stride out on her own with new projects and philanthropy, there’s the last season of Game of Thrones to get through. Clarke admits to having mixed feelings about saying goodbye.

“I guess I’m dealing with a real contrast of emotions,” she says. “It’s a really poignant period for myself and the cast, and a very thrilling one at the same time.” Of course, Clarke realises that it’s not just the cast that’s invested in the show’s final season. The fans have high hopes too.

“I think, this season, the expectation has been more so than normal,” she says thoughtfully. “The wait has seemed intolerable and it has been the same for all of us; but you can be sure it will be worth the wait. You’d better believe it.”

The end of the last season left viewers with dozens of questions as to the fate of their favourite characters – but Clarke isn’t giving away any hints. “I’d never preempt anything I’m in,” she exclaims. “Where is the fun in that? Firstly, I want the audience to enjoy the reveal just as much as we do, and secondly, so much changes along the way that I could find myself giving out false information!”

Series co-creator and showrunner David Benioff seconds the notion thatGame of Thrones has ultimately been a work in progress from Day One. “Right from the beginning we have wanted to tell what we thought was a 70-hour long movie,” he says. “It turns out the movie is actually now going to be 73 hours long, but we are most definitely coming to the end.

“It’s been a long time – and it would have been a huge blow to lose any of the core members of the cast along the way; so with that in mind, we are elated to have kept everyone. We now get to finish the show the way we always wanted to, and Emilia has always been central to that.” Indeed, Clarke’s character Daenerys (known to fans as Dany) has been pivotal to the show’s plot, and she’s certainly a fan favourite. So how does Clarke feel about letting her go?

“Will I miss her?” Clarke ponders. “Most certainly. Yet, I feel everything, over time, runs its course, and we are probably where we are for a reason.

“Dany has so many interesting elements to her, and perhaps we’ve all been a part of this story for long enough now. I think that one of the most profound messages I will take forward with me is that nothing remains the same forever,” she says. “And by that I mean, what makes Dany truly stand out is how she has transformed from a girl with very low self-esteem into a very confident and empowered woman.

“Dany figures out she has the strength and qualities of leadership which are equal to that of any man,” she continues, “and yet she can wrap these in the style and sensitivity that she has as a woman, and a that is a truly wonderful gift – that innate understanding of herself which allows her to become this very commanding and powerful being.”

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