Elizabeth Hurley’s Health Tips


Image: Elizabeth Hurley Official Instagram @elizabethhurley1
Image: Elizabeth Hurley Official Instagram @elizabethhurley1
The British actress showed off her toned figure at the beach yesterday.

British beauty Elizabeth Hurley, 52, is known for her slender figure and stunning looks. Yesterday the model and actress posted a video of herself in a new bikini from her swimwear brand, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, revealing her toned body.

So how does the star stay healthy?

Talking to Healthy Living, Hurley says she eats “pretty normally” but avoids processed foods and chooses whole grains, organic vegetables and meat instead. “I really try to go out of my way to eat an apple for a snack instead of a cookie and I always start the day with a couple of mugs of hot water,” she says, adding that she keeps a regular diet with smaller evening meals. “If I stay home in the evening I’ll eat a very light dinner. I rarely skip breakfast and always eat lunch but the lighter my evening meal the better.”

Powders, supplements and vitamins aren’t on the menu for Hurley, either, who claims that a balanced diet of whole foods is what works for her. She is quick to point out that hydration is another important factor for good inner and outer health. She is never without a bottle, which flushes toxins, improves skin firmness and keeps hunger pangs at bay.

When it comes to exercise, Hurley says she doesn’t follow a strict regime that involves gym workouts and running. Instead, she stays active in her everyday life. “I don’t do a lot of set exercise but I’m very active and run around all day,” she says. The star’s Instagram is flooded with images of her practicing yoga poses, and she says she also enjoys Pilates: “though I don’t do it often enough.” Walking outdoors is another favourite form of exercise for Hurley, who enjoys fresh air and never sleeps with the windows closed.

When asked to sum up her advice for healthy living, Hurley recommends spreading love. “Nothing keeps you healthier than loving people and being loved back. After that, get plenty of sleep, plenty of fresh air, eat lots of vegetables and don’t drink too much alcohol.”

Image: Elizabeth Hurley Beach Official Instagram @elizabethhurleybeach


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