Eight-year-old girl stumbles across cancer cure breakthrough

By Mariam Digges

Eight-year-old girl stumbles across cancer cure breakthrough
An young girl stumbles across a potential cancer cure breakthrugh while chatting to her parents at the dinner table.

Camilia Lisanti’s parents are cancer researchers, so it’s only natural for the conversation around the dinner table to sometimes head in a scientific direction.

When Camilia’s father Michael asked his daughter how she would cure cancer, her response was quick and simple.

The young girl suggested antibiotics, “like when I have a sore throat”, prompting her parents to investigate a new idea.

Professor Lisanti and his wife Federica Sotgia set about testing their daughter’s theory, and the results were shocking.

They found that some brands of cheap and readily used antibiotics were actually capable of destroying cancer cells. They also discovered that certain antibiotics could halt the body’s production of mitochondria, which feeds the cells.

Lisanti and Sotgia began testing cheap antibiotics on breast, prostate, skin, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancers, as well as on brain tumours. They discovered that some common antibiotics were effective in destroying cancer cells while not impacting healthy cells.

The couple has yet to test the theory on humans.


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